Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology

Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology

  • Chemical Analysis of Fish Pond Water
  • Water Activity in Food Products
  • Efficacy of Antimicrobial Activity
  • Ozone Sanitizer Functional Study
  • Investigation of Hydrogen Generation by Burner System
  • Evaluation of Efficiency for Water Purifier System
  • Corrosion Resistance Study
  • Sterilization Study of Bird's Nest
  • Performance Verification of Water Body Fat Monitor
  • Benthic Identification
  • Nutrition Consultancy
  • Testing of Environmental Samples
  • Periphyton Study
  • Biodegradation of Synthetic Polymers and Natural Products
  • Air Purification Study
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Asymmetric Catalysis Study
  • Food Bacteria Investigation
  • Synthesis of mPEG-succinimidyl Propionate for Enzyme Conjugation
  • Effect of Magnetized Water on Fish Survival and on Plant Growth
  • DNA Fingerprint of Sea Cucumber and Scallop
Department of Applied Mathematics

Department of Applied Mathematics

  • Overall Study on Reviewing the Progress and Evaluating the Information Technology in Education (ITEd) Projects 1998/2003
  • Study on Planning of Public Transport Services and Facilities at Boundary Control Points
  • Consultancy Proposal on Statistical Analysis for the Coverage Service by Galaxy Satellite Broadcasting Limited via Direct-To-Home (DTH) System
  • Provision of Private Housing Recurrent Survey 2004
  • Provision of Survey on HA Waiting List Applicants 2004
  • Provision of Customer Satisfaction on FEHD Public Toilets 2004
  • Survey on Propensity to Use Private Cars to Cross the Boundary 2005
  • Retail Positioning Survey for Development Above/Adjacent to KCRC New Railway Projects 2005
  • Student Developmental Task and Lifestyle Assessment (SDTLA) Study in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Department of Applied Physics

Department of Applied Physics

  • Analysis of Stainless Steel by X-ray Scanning Method
  • Characterization of Anti-reflecting Coating
  • Characterization of BST for Microwave Applications
  • Characterization of Epoxy Compounds for Microelectronic Packaging
  • Composition Analysis of Submitted Samples Using SEM
  • Design and Development of LED Light Bulbs
  • Detection of Halogens in Low Voltage Power Cables
  • Development of Ball Crater Machine for the Measurements of Thin Film Thickness
  • Far infra-red Measurement of 4 Massager Samples Provided by the Client
  • Hardness Measurement on Mineral Watch Glass Surfaces
  • High-frequency Dielectric Properties of Laminated Samples
  • In-frared Spectra of Ceramic Coated Hot-plates
  • In-frared Spectra of Painted Heaters
  • Investigation of Metallization for LED Packaging
  • Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Induction Cookware Materials
  • Magnetic Drawing Board Testing
  • Material Investigation for Shape Memory Alloy Fibers
  • Optical Microscopy of Clipped Wire Heads
  • Polariscopic Setup for Stress Viewing of Plastic Parts
  • Polymer Identification
  • Sample Processing
  • Testing of Carbon Brush Sample
  • UV and IR Measurement for Welding Filters
  • UV and IR Measurement for Welding Lens
Institute of Textiles and Clothing

Institute of Textiles and Clothing

  • Polyester Fiber and Marketing Training
  • An Expert Report on the Knittability of Linen / Bamboo Yarns for a High Court Case
  • To Design and Provide Tailor-made Training Programme for a Garment Merchandising Firm
  • Expert Report on Garment Machine (II)
  • Appraisal of Spinning Machinery
  • Women Lower Body Measurements Analysis in order to Define Pants Sizes and Measurements
  • Evaluation for Plasma Spray Treatment on Pilling Problem
  • Dyehouse Technology Supervision
  • Six Sigma Consultancy Service
  • Nanotechnological Water- and Oil-repellent Treatment
  • Development and Scale Up of Self-Cleaning System (SCS) for Apparel Fabrics
  • Establishment of the In-house Product Testing Laboratory for Cheng Wah Garment (Panyu) Co. Ltd.
  • Development and Demonstration of "Green Leaf" Woven Fabrics
  • Walter Sweating Manikin System
  • Methods for Shape Memory Hair Treatment
  • Measurement of IR Image / Temperature Distribution on Human Subjects
  • Prediction of Clothing Sensory Comfort with Neural-Fuzzy Model
  • Functional Products Development and Quality Control System Setup
  • Production Technology for New Weaving Yarn
  • Odour Problem of DKNY Programme "Whimsical World" for Ladies Chemise and Cami Pant Set