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EEE Alumni Award 2024 copy

EEE Outstanding Alumni Award 2024

We are pleased to announce that two distinguished graduates are awarded the “Outstanding Alumni Award of PolyU Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2024” in recognition of their professional achievements and significant contributions to the Department. Their remarkable achievements and valuable contributions have earned them well-deserved honour and respectful recognition. Congratulations to the following awardees!   Outstanding Young Alumni Award in Professional Achievement of PolyU Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Dr. MAI Weijie Vice President, Shenzhen Auto Electric Power Plant Co., Ltd. Doctor of Philosophy, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2017) Dr. MAI Weijie received his Bachelor of Engineering Degree (with First Class Honors) from The University of New South Wales in Australia and Doctor of Philosophy Degree from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Awardee of Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme), both in electrical engineering, in 2012 and 2017, respectively. He was also recognized as the Overseas High-Caliber Personnel (Shenzhen Peacock Plan) in 2020. Dr. MAI currently serves as the Vice-President at Shenzhen Auto Electric Power Plant Co., Ltd., a listed and state-recognized high-tech enterprise that established in 1993 and focuses on designing, developing, manufacturing and operation of high-power industrial charging equipment. In his role, he assumes responsibility for the daily operational management of the Department of New Energy, overseeing various divisions such as R&D, Business, Sales, Investment, Construction, After-Sales, and Charging Station Operation. His primary objective is to ensure smooth and efficient operations across all divisions while driving the company's strategic initiatives in the field of new energy. Deeply involved in the new energy industry, Dr. MAI and his team have had a profound impact on the profession and industry, by contributing to the development of the world's fastest groundbreaking technology (Mega-Watt Adaptive Charging Power Pool) and the establishment of EV Ultra-Fast Public Charging Network with an impressive capacity of 235MW across the whole China, which exemplifies Dr. MAI’s commitment to building safer, greener, and more efficient charging solutions while significantly minimizes the utilization of valuable public resources (e.g. land and power utilities), marking a notable step towards sustainable EV charging infrastructure.   Outstanding Alumni Award in Professional Achievement of PolyU Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ir YAU Siu Lun, Sheldon Head of Wireless and Core Network Engineering, Hong Kong Telecom Limited MSc in Electronic Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (1996) Ir YAU Siu Lun, Sheldon has been at the forefront of mobile technology advancements in Hong Kong for over three decades. Starting in the early 1990s, he drove the development of new network features like IUO and pioneered innovations like the first subway coverage and microcell deployment. This allowed him to enhance GSM coverage and capacity in the Hong Kong market. As mobile networks evolved from traditional voice to data services in the late 1990s, he designed multi-band antenna technologies to handle the new requirements, including dual frequencies like 900MHz and 1800MHz. In the 2000s, he deployed one of Hong Kong's first 3G mobile networks, navigating the transition from TDMA to CDMA technology. His Master's degree from PolyU helped him excel in this era. During the 4G era in the 2010s, he resolved the challenges of increasing frequency bands, carrier aggregation demands, and applied various fixed technologies like GPON and CWDM to mobile network operations.  After that, he led the project to consolidate the PCCW and CSL networks, and enabled HKT to deploy Hong Kong's first 5G network in 2020. Now, he is spearheading the development of 5G-Advanced, Artificial Intelligence and Low Altitude Airspace Economy related technologies, cementing HKT's leadership through continuous innovation. His wish is to continue his contribution to the progress of the mobile communication industry in Hong Kong and globally.    

8 Jul, 2024


Distinguished Speaker Series “Infinitive Possibilities in the World of Science - New Journey of Energy Revolution and Automotive Revolution” by Ir Prof. CHAN Ching-chuen

Through cultivating a scientific spirit and understanding of engineering philosophy, Professor Ching-chuen Chan will explore the contribution of science discovery, technology revolution and industry revolution to human civilization in the Graduate School Distinguished Speaker Series on 8 July. He will also cover the infinitive possibilities in the world of science, the way of success for innovative talents, as well as the new paradigm of research and development by AI for science.   Topic: Infinitive Possibilities in the World of Science - New Journey of Energy Revolution and Automotive Revolution (Details) Speaker: Ir Professor CHAN Ching-chuen, SBS Distinguished Chair Professor and Director of Research Centre for Electric Vehicles, PolyU Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK Date: 8 July 2024 (Mon) Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 nn Venue: FJ302, Core F/J, PolyU Mode: Face-to-face Language: English   Seats are limited! First-come, first-served! Register now HERE and the registration will be closed on 6 July 2024 at 23:59. For enquiries, please contact Graduate School at

8 Jul, 2024


EEE Robotic Challenge Junior 2024: Robotic Soccer Cup

The EEE Robotic Challenge Junior 2024 and its award ceremony are held successfully on 5 July 2024. Over 50 students from different schools participated in the competition in two categories, Beginner Level and Advanced Level. Elite players from secondary and primary schools used their creativity to build custom robotic scooters for this game, using different EEE skills to solve problems during the competition, such as connection and hardware issues, as well as battles of wits and courage with opponents. Congratulations to HKSYCIA Wong Tai Shan Memorial College and S.K.H. Tin Shui Wai Ling Oi Primary School for winning in their categories.

5 Jul, 2024


PolyU Patents Achievement Award 2023

The University has launched the PolyU Patents Achievement Award in appreciation and honour of the remarkable achievements of departments and inventors that actively engaged in IP filing. These awards highlight the PolyU academics’ collective determination to foster innovation and protect IPs. We are delighted to share that the EEE Department won both the Top Patents Filing Award and the Most Active Patents Filing Award for the Department Category, and Prof. Eric Cheng also attained the Most Active Patents Filing Award for the Inventor Category in the PolyU Patents Achievement Award 2023! The Top Patents Filing Award recognizes the IP filing activities over the past five years (2019-2023), while the Most Active Patents Filing Award acknowledges the IP filing activities within the year 2023.

5 Jul, 2024


Champion in Men’s Stanley Silver Cup at Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships

Congratulations to the EEE Dragon Boat Team for winning the Champion in the Men’s Stanley Silver Cup at the Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships on 10 June 2024! The Team also attained the 3rd Runner-up in the Men’s Silver Cup Final at the Stanley Dragon Boat Warm Up Races on 18 May 2024. Comprised of EEE alumni and students, the team has undergone months of intensive training in preparation for the Tuen Ng Festival dragon boat races. Our staff, alumni and their family members, including Professor C.Y. Chung, Head of the Department, showed their great support by cheering on the team at the Stanley Main Beach this year. If you are interested in joining the EEE Dragon Boat Team to improve your fitness and experience the thrill of dragon boat racing, please send your name and contact number to for enrollment.

10 Jun, 2024

News 1

Establishment of the New Research Centre for Grid Modernisation (RCGM)

We are thrilled to announce the establishment on the new Research Centre for Grid Modernisation (RCGM). The centre aims to drive innovations and applications for modernising the power grid and developing advanced electric power systems to support Hong Kong and the country's goals of carbon neutrality and sustainable energy. The RCGM launch ceremony at the PolyU campus was attended by government officials, industry leaders, and experts from 26 universities across Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. Mr TSE Chin-wan, Secretary for Environment and Ecology of the HKSAR Government and Prof. SUN Dong, Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry of the HKSAR Government delivered opening remarks to congratulate the University on the establishment of the Centre. RCGM aims to create an international platform for grid modernization, collaborating with academia, industry and governments globally. Its mission is to develop secure, sustainable and affordable energy systems through multidisciplinary R&D. The Centre also facilitates deployment of advanced electric grid and sustainable energy technologies, to power future smart and carbon-neutral zones in the Greater Bay Area. RCGM has received strong support from various organizations and universities as its inaugural partners. The Centre has also invited five renowned experts and scholars in energy and power to join as honorary advisors. During the event, RCGM and Shenzhen Auto Electric Power Plant Company Limited announced their partnership to establish the PolyU-Autosun Joint Laboratory for Sustainable PowerTech Research in Modern Grid. This collaboration aims to propel R&D in electric vehicle charging, smart microgrids, new energy storage systems, and health monitoring systems for power equipment.

3 Jun, 2024

49 th Geneva Awards 2024

Awards in the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva

Congratulations to our scholars for their remarkable achievements at the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva (Geneva Inventions Expo)! This Expo is a widely recognized annual event devoted exclusively to inventions. It attracted 1,035 entries from 38 countries and regions this year. It is with great pride that the following inventions and projects led by EEE staff and our colleagues in partnership with the Centre for Advances in Reliability and Safety (CAiRS) seized 11 accolades, including the Prize of the International Federation of Inventors’ Association – IFIA, 4 Gold Medals, 4 Silver Medals, and 3 Bronze Medals: Project Inventor Award Link RailSwinX: Enhanced Rail Track Defect Detection through Cutting Edge AI Technology (CAiRS) Prof. Kenneth Lam Kin Man (EEE), Xue Kaiwen (EEE), Lin Kwan Ho, Dr Vincent Ng To Yee, Dr Choy Hang Shan, Prof. Winco Yung Kam-Chuen   Prize of the International Federation of Inventors’ Association – IFIA   Gold Medal Multi-Functional High-Power-Density Integrated Onboard Charger for Electric Vehicles Dr Wong Chi Shing (EEE) Dr Loo Ka Hong (EEE) Dr Liu Junwei (EEE)   Gold Medal CablePrognosis: AI-Driven Predictive Health Index System and Remaining Useful Life Prediction for Underground Cables (CAiRS) Dr Bu Siqi (EEE), Dr Lu Genghong, Yim Ho Nam Ernest, Lei Chao (EEE), Fiske Lin Pui Yu, Andrew Yeung Him Ching, Dr Wang Bingsen, Dr Dan Yihua, Dr Gary Wong Chak-Nam, Prof. Kenneth Lam Kin Man (EEE) Gold Medal LithioGuardian: Online Lithium-ion Battery Health Monitoring System with FBG Sensors (CAiRS) Prof. Steven Tyler Boles (EEE), Prof. Tam Hwa Yaw (EEE), Dr Julien Bonefacino, Dr Connie Cheung Yin Nee, Dr Sasan Ghashghaie (EEE), Fiske Lin Pui Yu, Dr Gary Wong Chak-Nam, Dr Neha Tewari, Dr Madithedu Muneeswara, Dr Hassan Raza, Prof. Kenneth Lam Kin Man (EEE) Gold Medal Ammonia Powered Electric Vehicle Prof. Eric Cheng Ka Wai (EEE), Prof. Niu Shuangxia (EEE), Dr Zhai Lingling, Wong Chiu Shek, Dr Xue Xiangdang (EEE), Prof. Lau Shu Ping, Dr Molly Li Meng-Jung Silver Medal SolderSense: A Novel AI Failure Prediction System for PCB Solder Joints Using Thermal Imaging Analytics (CAiRS) Prof. Kenneth Lam Kin Man (EEE), Fung Ka Chun (EEE), Dr Lai Cheung Ming, Dr Choy Hang Shan, Xue Kaiwen (EEE), Lin Kwan Ho, Dr Loo Ka Hong (EEE), Dr Saddam Aziz, Dr Vincent Ng To Yee, Prof. Yung Kam Chuen Silver Medal RoboGuide: Intelligent Collision Avoidance Tracking and Hazardous Object Detection for Robot Temi (CAiRS) Dr Daniel Lun Pak-Kong (EEE), Prof. Hu Haibo (EEE), Dr Alan Nguyen, Dr Chris Tung, Larry Li, Abel Wong, Andy Chan, Dr Tom Chan Tak-Lam Silver Medal ClearLens: Cutting-Edge Camera Tampering and Anomaly Detection System for Video Surveillance (CAiRS) Dr Daniel Lun Pak-Kong (EEE), Pan Yi-Kun (EEE), Dr Tsang Sik-Ho, Dr Chan Yui-Lam (EEE), Dr Tom Chan Tak-Lam Silver Medal VehicleGuardian: AI-Enhanced Online Health Monitoring and Remaining Useful Life Prediction for Vehicle Engine Cooling Systems (CAiRS) Prof. Edward Chung Chin Shin (EEE), Dr Tsang Chi Wai, Hui King, Fiske Lin Pui Yu, Tom Siu Kin Sang, Dr Gary Wong Chak-Nam, Dr Tobi Michael Alabi, Zhang Yi, Prof. Kenneth Lam Kin Man (EEE) Bronze Medal   MotorGuard: Automated Motor Health Monitoring and Failure Diagnosis with a Rule-Based Expert Inference System (CAiRS) Dr Bu Siqi (EEE), Dr Lee Hiu Hung, Huang Chao (EEE), Howard Chan Chun Hung Bronze Medal   RailScan: AI Rail Anomaly Detection and Remaining Useful Life Modelling (CAiRS) Prof. Hu Haibo (EEE), Dr Li Tan, Wong Him-Ting, Dr Tom Chan Tak-Lam Bronze Medal  

8 May, 2024


Young Innovative Researcher Award (YIRA) 2024

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr HUANG Dongmei for being selected as one of the awardees of the prestigious YIRA! The YIRA is a highly regarded university-level recognition that celebrates young faculty members who have made outstanding contributions to addressing global challenges through their research. With an impressive pool of 53 submissions, we are thrilled to announce that Dr Huang has been distinguished as one of the six exceptional individuals who have showcased remarkable originality and innovation in their research proposals. Dr. Huang's research focus on "High-performance swept laser and its applications" has received well-deserved recognition. Once again, congratulations to Dr HUANG Dongmei for this remarkable achievement!

3 May, 2024


MEAN WELL’s visit

The representatives from MEAN WELL company visited PolyU and the EEE Department. MEAN WELL representatives were given a comprehensive tour of the EEE Department, including the Research Centre for Electric Vehicles (HJ803), Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory (EF003), and Electronics and Telecommunications Research Laboratory (EF502). These facilities showcased cutting-edge technologies and the practical application of MEAN WELL products.  The visit provided MEAN WELL representatives with a deeper understanding of the EEE Department's ongoing projects. They observed how MEAN WELL products were integrated into the curriculum, enhancing students' practical knowledge of power supply systems.   MEAN WELL company (

30 Apr, 2024


IET President’s Visit to the Department

On 27 April 2024, we had the privilege of hosting a visit from esteemed guests, including IET President Dr. Gopi Katragadda, Chief Engagement & Growth Officer Ms. Toni Allen, and Office Head of IET HK Mr. Eric Na. The purpose of their visit was to familiarize themselves with our Department.  During their visit, we provided them with an introduction to our teaching programmes, research groups, and areas of expertise.  Additionally, we highlighted our ongoing efforts to promote engineering and technology.  The visit also provided an opportunity for an extensive discussion on potential collaborations between our Department and IET.  These collaborations may include event co-organizing, joint publications, as well as publicity and promotional initiatives.

27 Apr, 2024

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