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PolyU’s innovative technology solutions create a new stream of advances that will better the world. We set awesome examples by sharing knowledge through industry

PolyU showcases examples of innovative technology solutions for sustainability

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is a place where innovation meets application. Innovation is more than developing new technology, new skills and new processes; it also involves creating new ways of thinking about how to solve problems. It is in this context that PolyU has established the Research Institute for Sustainable Urban Development with a view to creating sustainable and innovative technology solutions to problems generated by high-density urban development. PolyU’s novel 3D mapping model is one of the innovative technology examples.

PolyU creates innovative technology solutions to fashion industry

To promote the integration of fashion and artificial intelligence (AI), PolyU’s Institute of Textiles and Clothing collaborated with the Vision and Beauty Team at Alibaba to develop a “FashionAI Dataset” that involves systematic analysis and labelling of fashion images. By integrating fashion knowledge and machine learning formulation, the Dataset enables machines to better understand fashion, facilitating algorithm design for machine learning and improving the accuracy of online fashion image searching. A FashionAI Concept Store was set up on PolyU campus to demonstrate the innovative technology solutions in identifying the clothes selected by customers and providing personalised mix-and-match options. These innovative technology examples undoubtedly lead to a higher profitability. With collaborations with industry leaders like Alibaba, PolyU will be able to make even more significant contribution in the global development of AI in the years ahead.

PolyU designers create innovative technology solutions for daily life

Our university education inspired students to apply the professional skills and make good use of technology in devising innovative solutions to problems. For examples, four students from the School of Design achieved excellent results at the regional contest of an international design award in 2015. Their five projects were all selected to compete with others in the final competition at an international level. Among them, Emily Tang was named winner of the Hong Kong James Dyson Award with her innovation “Libue” – a toilet for Parkinson’s patients. The James Dyson Award aims to celebrate, encourage and inspire the next generation of design engineers to develop their problem-solving ability.

PolyU develops innovative technology solutions for rapid detection of drug abuse

PolyU-developed method simplifies and accelerates drug analysis by simply using a toothpick to collect urine or oral fluid samples. The innovative technology simply uses a wooden tip (for examples, a toothpick) to collect the sample. Upon applying a high voltage to the tip, spray ionization is induced and the ion signals of analytes are detected. With high sensitivity in detecting ketamine, norketamine, methyl amphetamine and MDMA in urine and oral fluids, as well as cocaine in oral fluids, this technology requires no chromatographic separation and only a small sample to complete a biological analysis.

Simpler, faster and more reliable than existing methods, this technology serves as one of the best innovative technology examples, which greatly reduces the cost, procedures and manpower involved in drug analysis. It has taken a big step towards resolving the uncertainty generated by false positive and false negative results.

The research team is now endeavouring to develop even more sensitive and precise technology to enhance the efficiency and reliability of such testing. In the future, they will focus on tests for other drugs, including THC and heroin. Even more importantly, they will develop portable devices to facilitate rapid on-site drug analysis.