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Sept 2024 Entry

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3 years (Part-time)




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Application Deadline
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Sept 2024 Entry: Closed
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Sept 2024 Entry: Closed
About Programme
How to Apply
Aims & Characteristics

Programme Aims

The overall aim of the programme is to offer an opportunity for professionals in healthcare and related disciplines to develop the necessary knowledge, understanding and competencies needed to function more effectively and to master the advanced use of information technology skills in healthcare settings.



This programme is the first of its kind in Hong Kong, and it aims to equip healthcare professionals and graduates from health-related or information technology- or engineering-related backgrounds with advanced information technology skills for use in healthcare settings. The course content addresses the needs of healthcare providers and allows for introduction, re-orientation and/or conversion to a field that is directly relevant to the student’s place of employment.


Programme Structure

Students must complete 3 Compulsory Subjects, 2 Core Subjects and 2 Elective Subjects plus a Dissertation (alternatively, any 3 Core/Elective Subjects can replace the Dissertation).


Core Areas of Study

Compulsory Subjects

  • Electronic Patient Records
  • Information Technology in Healthcare
  • Professional Development in Health Informatics


Core Subjects

  • Artificial Intelligence Concepts
  • Business Analytics
  • Computer Programming for Healthcare
  • Digital Imaging & PACS
  • Epidemiology
  • Knowledge Management for Clinical Applications
  • Machine Learning & Data Analytics
  • Management Information Systems
  • Medical Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Project Management
  • Software Engineering and Development
  • Technology Innovation & Management


Elective Subjects

  • Advanced Statistics in Health Care Research
  • Advanced Technology & Clinical Application in Nuclear Medicine Imaging
  • Big Data Computing
  • Bioinformatics in Health Sciences
  • Data Structures & Database Systems
  • Digital Design and Manufacturing for Biomedical Engineering
  • Ethics & Law in Clinical Practice
  • Health & Social Policy Analysis
  • Health Care Ethics
  • Healthcare Innovation
  • Intellectual Property, Standards & Regulations of Medical Devices
  • Internet Computing & Applications
  • Issues in Health Sociology
  • Medical Imaging Physics
  • Modern Rehabilitation Engineering and Robotics
  • Quality Management of Health Care Services
  • Radiation Protection and Radiation Safety
  • Radiation Therapy Physics
  • Research Methods & Biostatistics
  • Research Methods & Data Analysis
  • Virtual Reality in Healthcare
  • Wearable Technology for Digital Health



  • Dissertation

Credit Required for Graduation


Programme Leader(s)

Prof. Harry Qin
BSc, MPhil, PhD

Subject Area
Health Informatics
Entrance Requirements
  • A Bachelor’s degree in a health-related discipline, information technology, engineering or applied sciences, or the equivalent from a recognised university and, preferably, relevant post-qualification experience in health-related services or industries.

If you are not a native speaker of English, and your Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification is awarded by institutions where the medium of instruction is not English, you are expected to fulfil the University’s minimum English language requirement for admission purpose. Please refer to the “Admission Requirements” section for details.


For academic matters, please contact: 
Prof. Harry Qin (tel: (852) 2766 6424; email: harry.qin@polyu.edu.hk).


For general admission matters, please contact:
Ms Kendy Wong (tel: (852) 2766 4684; email: kendy.wong@polyu.edu.hk).

Initial Registration Credits

3 for local students
6 for non-local students

Programme Leaflet

Please click here to download.

Tuition Fee

HK$5,750 per credit for local and non-local students

Student Message

As the IT manager of a healthcare organisation, I strive to perfectly integrate IT with the medical field through electronic health records and clinic automation to provide better experiences for healthcare professionals and patients.


Having completing the Master of Science in Health Informatics, I am confident in my career development in healthcare. This professional programme has enabled me to gain an in-depth understanding of the applications of health information technology in practice.


Our goal is to improve the accuracy and completeness of medical records to reduce the risk of medical errors. I continuously optimise the electronic medical record system to make it easier to use and manage, and I ensure information security to protect patient and healthcare professional privacy.


I believe that healthcare quality will be greatly improved by the further development of information technology in healthcare. Therefore, we work with all sectors to jointly promote the improvement of healthcare standards and policies to provide better healthcare services for patients.

Lam Ka Chun Anthony (IT Manager)

With the advancement of information technology, being equipped with medical knowledge alone does not necessarily equal being equipped with adequate knowledge to be a competent healthcare professional. The MSc in Health Informatics programme provides students with complex technical knowledge, not only of IT, but also of a wide variety of healthcare-related topics, including healthcare innovations and knowledge management skills for clinical applications. This has helped me to become a more well-rounded healthcare professional.


Having opportunities to coordinate with classmates from different backgrounds has allowed me to work with people who have their own strengths related to their backgrounds. Complementing my own perspective as a healthcare professional when reviewing an academic topic or issue, my classmates always provide useful comments from their own professional perspectives. This gives me more comprehensive insights into the topic. Not only have I gained the necessary IT knowledge to keep up with the advancement of healthcare technology in the 21st century, but this programme has allowed me to build a network of classmates from different backgrounds.

Li Pok Him (Radiographer)

Healthcare is my chosen career, and I aim to provide efficient and accurate healthcare services for citizens. I also wish to strengthen the services that I currently provide. I think that IT can be usefully combined with my career as a radiographer. The MSc in Health Informatics has equipped me with knowledge of both healthcare and information technology. It is a fruitful and knowledgeable programme on health informatics. I have also gained management knowledge from the programme. Altogether, the programme has not only equipped me with theoretical and other knowledge but also broadened my vision and honed my skills.

Ken Liu (Senior Radiographer)

The MSc in Health Informatics is an enriching programme for students with different backgrounds, ranging from healthcare to IT. Students have many opportunities to acquire different kinds of knowledge, as this programme covers a wide variety of subjects related to health informatics. It has enabled me to learn new things that were not included in my undergraduate studies, such as knowledge management, computer programming and project management. This programme equipped me with advanced skills and knowledge for my career as a radiographer. The programme also gathers students with different backgrounds, allowing us to share our experiences and learn more about other professions related to health informatics.

Conan Wong (Radiographer)
Additional Documents Required
Transcript / Certificate

Copies of transcripts and graduation certificates are required.

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