The purpose of the 4th International Conference on Service-Learning (ICSL2022) is to further promote the scholarly development of the theories, models and tools of service-learning by gathering academics and practitioners on its research and practices.

Conference Topics

We invite scholars and students (both undergraduate and graduate students) who are interested in a scholarly and evidence-based approach to service-learning to submit papers to the service-learning conference that relate but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Service-Learning under COVID-19/service-learning via online
  • The role and impact of service-learning in university education
  • International service-learning
  • Service-learning and global citizenship
  • Service-Learning as general education
  • Integrating Service-Learning into academic disciplines in both teaching and research
  • Sustainability of Service-Learning projects
  • The assessment of learning outcomes in Service-Learning
  • Learning through reflection
  • ......

We welcome papers on completed empirical or theoretical research, significant findings from work-in-progress, experience-sharing and reflection on practices, as well as ideas for new development.

Paper Format

The ICSL 2022 accepts proposals in English for the paper presentations and interactive workshops.

Basic Submission Rules

Language: English
Length: Paper Presentation: 1,000-1,500 words (excluding all figures, tables, and references)
Interactive Workshops: 600-1,000 words (excluding all figures, tables, and references)
**For details, please refer to the following submission guidelines and templates
Keywords: 3-5 words
Font: Times New Roman
Font size: 12 point
Margin: 2.5 cm
Referencing style: APA
Format: PDF (version 1.7 or above) file

1. Paper Presentations

Submission: The abstract should be a summary of your presentation.

Please adhere to submit an abstract for review with 1,000-1,500 words. Figures, tables, and references are excluded. All papers must be submitted through our online submission system and should follow the template.


Presentation: The time allotted to each paper is 20 minutes, which includes a 15-minute short oral presentation and a ‘Question & Answer’ session.

2. Interactive Workshops

Submission: A 600-1,000 word proposal for an interactive workshop should contain the following the following information:

  • Title of the interactive workshop;
  • Organiser(s) (name, affiliation, job title, email address);
  • Theme of the proposed workshop;
  • An abstract (approx. 200 words): describing the main intended learning outcomes of the interactive workshop and stating the significance of the topic for the proposed interactive workshop;
  • Description of target audience and estimated number of participants;
  • Description of the format of the interactive workshop, including a narrative of the workshop flow, roles of the organiser(s) and participants, and how participants will learn in this workshop;
  • Including a list of hardware, software, and other equipment to be used in the workshop; and
  • Short biographical sketch for each presenter, describing relevant experience and qualification (not including in word limit).


Interactive Workshop: The time allotted to each interactive workshop is 120 - 180 minutes.


  • Student submissions will be handled separately through a student track.
  • Authors are required to certify that their papers represent original work and are previously unpublished elsewhere. Simultaneous submission to any other conference, workshop or journal is strictly excluded.
  • Plagiarism and self-plagiarism are strictly prohibited. In order to protect intellectual property rights of others and the authors’ own academic reputation, we are strongly against this ruthless conduct.
  • Authors should take responsibilities for their submissions. Any violations of the above regulations are criminal actions.

Important Dates

Deadline for Paper Submission (US Time)
1st round: 18 July 2022
2nd round: 18 August 2022
3rd round: 6 September 2022

Notification of Paper Acceptance
1st round: 18 August 2022
2nd round: 18 September 2022
3rd round: 4 October2022

Deadline for Camera-Ready Submission
18 October 2022

Registration deadline
6 November 2022

Conferences Dates
16-20 November 2022

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