To further strengthen PolyU’s commitment to advancing art and culture, the PolyU Artists’ Alliance has been established to promote art and culture on campus and beyond, extending its impact to the community as well as the younger generation. With Dr Liza Wang as the Convenor of the Alliance and renowned artists in different fields as Members, the Alliance’s First meeting was held on 21 April.


With the continuing support, invaluable experiences, advice and wisdom of its Members, the PolyU Artists’ Alliance will enable PolyU to excel in promoting art and culture with impact. To learn more about art and culture at PolyU, please visit:


PolyU Artists' Alliance Members' list



Dr Liza Wang



Mr Albert Au

Mr Cheng Kok-kong

Mr Dominic Cheung Ho-kin (also as representative of Chung Ying Theatre Company)

Mr Choi Ho-man

Mr Choi Hoi-ying

Dr Eric Fung

King’s Harmonica Quintet 

  Dr Ho Pak-cheong

  Mr Chan Shu-keung Kenneth

  Mr Lau Chun-bong

  Mr Lok Ying-kei Rocky

  Mr Kuan Man-hou Johnny

Prof. Norman Ko

Mr Lai Ming 

Mr Leung Kin-fung

Mr James Mark

Dr Warren Mok

Ms Ng Yuet-lau

Mr Marco Szeto

Mr Tang Hoi-chiu

Dr Joseph Ting

Mr Shum Yat-fei

Mr To Kwok-wai

Ms Wang Bing Bing

Mr Ray Wong

Mr Wucius Wong

Mr Wong Kwok-chung

Ms Yao Jue 

Mr Yuen Siu-fai

Hong Kong Dance Company

  Dr David Tsui

Hong Kong Repertory Theatre

  Mr Poon Wai-sum


Prof. Jin-Guang Teng, President

Dr Miranda Lou, Executive Vice President

Prof. Ben Young, Vice President (Student and Global Affairs)

Prof. Geoffrey Shen, Associate Vice President (Global Partnerships)