PolyU presents “85th Anniversary Interview Series”


Five former Council Chairmen and Presidents of PolyU have shared their fascinating stories behind the major milestones of the University’s development, in a series of captivating interviews by Dr Liza Wang Ming-chun, who is also a PolyU University Fellow and Artist-in-Residence.


The interview series, rolled out in celebration of the 85th Anniversary of PolyU, reflect on how PolyU has become a leading institution in translating research into applications, promoting sustainability and providing holistic and entrepreneurial education, as well as how it has grown into a global top 100 university – offering thoughts and insights into the future development of PolyU.


The interview series, accessible here, comprises interviews with:


  • Prof. Poon Chung-kwong (1991-2008: PolyU President)

  • Dr Sir Gordon Wu Ying-sheung (1997-2003: PolyU Council Chairman )

  • Dr the Hon. Victor Lo Chung-wing (2004-2009: PolyU Council Chairman)

  • Dr Marjorie Yang (2010-2015: PolyU Council Chairman)

  • Prof. Timothy W. Tong (2009-2018: PolyU President)