A new chapter for PolyU with the unveiling of the Main Entrance

As we are fast approaching the grand finale of PolyU’s 85th Anniversary celebrations, the PolyU Orchestra, directed by Mr Leung Kin Fung, is pleased to present our Anniversary theme song in this edition of our Pulse newsletter. Mr Leung, an internationally renowned musician, has been the Artistic Director and Conductor of the PolyU Orchestra since 2016. He has devoted tremendous effort to arranging and producing the Anniversary theme song into five different versions played respectively by the PolyU Orchestra, the PolyU Choir, the Alumni Band, the FHKPUAA Chinese Orchestra, and the PolyU Orchestra with Choir.

Reflecting on the impact of COVID during the entire planning process, Mr Leung said that the situation was challenging in terms of rehearsal and practice with orchestra members. As such, rehearsals had to be done online with individual members, which was beneficial in terms of helping them to improve their personal skills and techniques. Mr Leung added that while the orchestra members came from different disciplines of PolyU and with diverse musical backgrounds, he nonetheless trained them just like any other professional musicians to deliver a remarkable performance.

With the 85th Anniversary Grand Concert coming up in November, Mr Leung said that the inspiration for the Concert came from the connection between PolyU and its 85th Anniversary, and that the Concert is meant to interpret the history of PolyU over the decades and how the University has evolved alongside the development of the community. Mr Leung also said that the Concert would feature renowned artists and performers who will provide high-quality performances.