CoinDesk, a crypto asset and blockchain technology information platform, has announced the latest “Best Universities for Blockchain 2022” rankings. PolyU topped the list of 240 universities around the world this year, from which 50 universities were selected to have had the biggest impact on blockchain.


PolyU is a leader in blockchain technology education and research in Hong Kong. PolyU introduced Hong Kong’s first Master of Science in Blockchain Technology programme this year. PolyU has also started doctoral programmes relating to financial technology, as well as bachelor’s degree programmes relating to FinTech and Artificial Intelligence (AI), with areas of study in AI, machine learning, cryptocurrency, crowdfunding and e-finance, big data and other related areas.


On the research front, the University has established the Research Centre for Blockchain Technology, the first research centre in Hong Kong whose research covers full-stack blockchain technology. The Centre draws expertise from various fields including computer science, finance, logistics and maritime studies, and industrial and systems engineering to carry out cross-disciplinary research in blockchain.


PolyU scholars also shine in blockchain-related research. According to CoinDesk, the number of blockchain research papers published by PolyU scholars, as well as the number of citations for their research, surpassed other universities listed in the rankings. Outside the classroom, PolyU faculty members also play important roles in international institutions and forums relating to computing, communication security and blockchain.


This top ranking is a fitting recognition of PolyU’s efforts and contributions to the development of blockchain technology. PolyU will continue its efforts in blockchain technology research and nurture next-generation professionals for the industry in order to benefit society.