To stimulate the new generation’s interest in research, PolyU once again this year organised the “Junior Researcher Mentoring Programme” (JRMP), allowing senior secondary school students to participate in various research projects under the guidance of PolyU academics and to explore the diverse subjects which comprise the University’s undergraduate curriculum, thereby enabling them to better prepare for their future academic and career pursuits. This year, the JRMP drew participation from over 70 PolyU academics across different departments, and close to 110 students from 41 local and international secondary schools.


Under the mentorship of PolyU’s experienced academics, students conducted research individually or in groups over a period of four months. Research topics covered an array of different subjects, including rehabilitation sciences, biomedical engineering, nursing, hotel and tourism, design, languages, business, and various engineering specialisations.Students gained hands-on experience in research design, data collection, analysis and reporting. They also had the opportunity to visit PolyU's many laboratories and teaching facilities to deepen their understanding of research theories, as well as the knowledge and skills required for research.