PolyU received the highest number of projects awarded and topped the amount of funding granted in in the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) 2021-22 funding exercise for Environmental Research, Technology Demonstration and Conference Projects.


Among the 41 awarded research projects from local UGC-funded universities and other institutions, PolyU received a total of HK$10 million in funding from the ECF.


“These PolyU research projects will foster more innovative and green technologies to address local and regional environmental issues and set paths for supporting the carbon neutrality roadmap in our society,” said Professor Christopher Chao, Vice President (Research and Innovation) of PolyU.


“We are pleased to receive the funding support from the government, which will complement our concerted efforts to advance decarbonisation technologies for a vibrant and sustainable society,” Professor Chao added.


The 13 PolyU research projects awarded by the ECF range from the study of how high purity oxygen could enhance sewage treatment, using remote sensing technology and AI for monitoring oil spills in the sea, producing hydrogen while purifying wastewater simultaneously by solar power, to the development of a smart robot that can pick up and sort litter in difficult terrain automatically.


They will be led by PolyU researchers from the Faculties of Construction and Environment, Applied Science and Textiles, and Engineering.


Meanwhile, the University has recently set up a taskforce on achieving the goal of carbon neutrality before 2050. The taskforce is steered by Professor Chao.