PolyU’s Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation (JCDISI), in partnership with the School of Design, the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the School of Optometry, has designed a set of tailor-made ergonomic furniture for underprivileged children living in subdivided flats. The furniture set, including a table, chairs, stools, reading boards, leg rests and cushions, will be issued to 2,000 families starting from August, supported by Hongkong Land HOME FUND – a fund established in November 2020 to empower the younger generation, promote social inclusion and assist those facing housing-related challenges in Hong Kong.


“Thanks to HOME FUND, we have been able to refine the prototype furniture and produce an ergonomically designed set of furniture to enhance the development of children living in sub-divided units,” said Kar-Kan Ling, Director of DISI. “Due to limited space and natural light, children living in sub-divided units are prone to health issues, including eyesight and spinal problems, that can affect their academic performance. This set of furniture brings together the expertise of design, biomedical engineering, optometry and allied health specialists to improve the children’s learning development.”


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