To help meet the pressing and huge demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) during the current outbreak of COVID-19, PolyU has quickly pooled together its expertise and resources, and partnered with the Hospital Authority (HA), Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QE) and industry to produce eye shields and face shields for frontline medical staff.


By making full use of all 3D printers in its University Research Facility in 3D Printing and in other departments, PolyU has been able to produce 700 eye shields for QE in 10 days and 800 face shields for HA in 5 days. The design of the face shield has been sent to local manufacturers for mass production in Hong Kong. Starting from late February, the production of face shields has been increased to 10,000 pieces per day, and with support from local manufacturers in providing materials, as many as 30,000 face shields in two sizes will be produced daily by late March for HA’s dispersion.


Besides employing 3D printing technology, the research team also leveraged the studies of PolyU School of Design in the comparison of head size between Asians and Westerners in order to design a face shield that better fits Chinese wearers, making it more comfortable for medical professionals to wear for long hours.


Prof. Alexander Wai Ping-kong, Vice President (Research Development), Deputy President and Provost designate, said the partnership between PolyU, HA/QE and the industry is a good example that embodies the spirit of ‘when one place suffers, aids come from all sides’ to overcome the difficult time together during the coronavirus outbreak.


Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Director of University Research Facility in 3D Printing Professor H. C. Man, who spearheaded the rapid solution, highly appreciates the support of the industry. As the face shield is designed by PolyU and made in Hong Kong, its making is a testament to the competence and capability of the Hong Kong manufacturing industry.