As the cradle of young design talents, PolyU’s School of Design (SD) has long been nurturing designers who are not only innovative but also pragmatic in finding solutions to everyday problems. At the 2019 HK4As Students’ Award, often regarded as the "Grand Prix" of the Hong Kong advertising industry, student teams from SD have proved their creativity and practicability in design excellence by winning a number of awards.


Best of Show and Gold Award

ProjectProblem and SolutionWinning students
Meatless Meat Relocation

Problem: Meatless meat is often placed in the frozen section of supermarkets and grocery stores, causing confusion among people who want to buy them.

Solution: By engaging the public to vote for the most suitable home for meatless meat, the project has not only raised people’s awareness about the misplacement of meatless meat but also helped move meatless meat back to the vegetable areas.

Cheng Tsz-yin
Cheung Chi-ho
Ng Wing-ki
Wong Chun-hei


Merit Awards

ProjectProblem and SolutionWinning students
Trust Your Bite

Problem: People think that real meat is tastier than meatless meat. Therefore, meatless meat is less popular.

Solution: To change people’s bias, the project challenged consumers to try their first bite of meatless meat.

Cheuk Pui-shing
Li Nga-ching
Or Wai-man
Yip Ka-lam


ProjectProblem and SolutionWinning students

Problem: Meatless meat is not popular because people do not accept that there is no meat in meatless meat.

Solution: By presenting the fact that there is no absolute in this world, this project tried to alter people’s preconception.

Alex Lai Chun-hei
Lui Siu-sing
Cheung King-ting
Kira Hau Wing-lam


ProjectProblem and SolutionWinning students

Problem: The fast-paced life of Hong Kong people does not allow time to search for and try meatless meat.

Solution: Meatless meat burgers have different proportions of real meat and meatless meat. The project encouraged people to try these burgers as a starting point to try meatless meat.

Yip Ka Chun


Congratulations to the winning students for their great achievements!