The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Joint Laboratory of Environmental Pollution Processes and Control, a venture led by Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry (GIG) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in collaboration with PolyU and Guangdong Institute of Eco-environmental Science and Technology, was officially established in Guangzhou. 


Co-directed by Prof. Peng Ping’an of GIG and Prof. Li Xiang-dong, Associate Dean (Research) of PolyU’s Faculty of Construction and Environment and Chair Professor of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the joint laboratory will put emphasis on large-scale collaborative research to address pressing environmental issues in the Greater Bay Area (GBA). They include air quality improvement, environment and health for city clusters, urban land remediation of combined contamination, municipal solid waste and sewage treatment in new rural area, and ecological management in estuary and coastal areas.