Some 76 students from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and overseas took part in the 50-day Shenzhen-Hong Kong Start-up Internship • Immersion Programme organised by the Greater Bay Area International Institute for Innovations. Comprised of a series of field trips, internships and exchanges at start-ups, incubators and multi-national technology companies in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, this first-of-its-kind immersion programme enabled students to deepen their understanding in entrepreneurship and innovation in the Greater Bay Area (GBA).


Multi-cultural learning experience


 “In our business planning with PolyU peers, we were impressed by their very pragmatic approach, dedicated mindset and high efficiency in problem solving. On the other hand, we

Mainland students are usually strong in research on the wider market trends taking place across the Nation. Learning how to integrate our complementary strengths and achieve common goals will certainly empower us for future cross-cultural career development and cooperation.”


Luo Yu-xi
Year-2 student in Business Management, Shenzhen University


Internship at Shenzhen start-up


"The day-to-day real-life experience of working and living in Shenzhen strengthened my confidence about looking beyond Hong Kong to develop my career. I now think about realizing my dream of setting up a studio start-up with my classmates when I graduate and providing industrial design services targeted at the huge GBA market."


Ivan Wong
Year-3 student in Product Design, PolyU