Two PolyU inventions garnered four prizes at the Silicon Valley International Invention Festival 2019, marking the first time for Hong Kong institutions to participate in this global event. The two award-winning PolyU projects are:


Block 1

Grand Award and Gold Medal with the Congratulations of the Jury


Smart Indoor Farming System 

Dr Loo Ka-hong
Department of Electronic and Information Engineering


Utilising AI-based and advanced sensing technologies, the system collects real-time growth profile of different plant types and environmental data from growth chambers and automatically construct optimal sets of growth control parameters. 


Block 2

Gold Medal and Special Merit Award


Flexible Scoliotic Brace  

Dr Joanne Yip Yiu-wan

Institute of Textiles and Clothing


Designed for adolescents with scoliosis, the corrective brace is made of shape memory alloy, artificial hinges and soft light-weight materials. The design can apply strategic corrective forces to the spine and offer adequate support to the user, with enhanced level of comfort.