Co-ordination and Distribution of PC Software Site Licence

For the convenience of users, ITS coordinates the arrangement of site licence and bulk purchase agreements for some commonly-used PC software and their distribution to departments.

Distribution Arrangements 

For purpose of distributing the software purchased under site licence arrangements, departments can:

  • request ITS to duplicate the software by completing the Licenced Software Duplication Form, and they will be charged based on the number of CDs / DVDs duplicated; or   
  • borrow the software from ITS for installation back in their offices, in which case a Loan of Software Request Proforma has to be completed. For installation of the software covered under the Microsoft campus Agreement for 'Work-at-home' use, a "Work at Home Use Rights" Acceptance Form has to be completed.  
  • download the software directly online if network distribution arrangements are made available by the software vendors.


Click here for the software media available for borrowing from ITS. Departments can call the ITS General Office at Extn. 2413 for prior booking arrangements.


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