2016.11.28Promoting green dining and green lifestyle

Officiating guests and speakers support green eating in actionParticipants enjoy vegan cookingScholar explains the benefits of a healthy vegetarian diet

PolyU's Campus Sustainability Committee and Campus Sustainability Office have jointly organised the "VeggieLicious" event to inspire the University community to embrace a vegetarian lifestyle. With the generous support from Green Monday and various campus caterers, the event featured an array of meaningful activities, including workshops, talks, a smoothie-ride game, vegan cooking classes, a veggie reading corner, fitness tests and veggie snack tasting.

For the second year, VeggieLicious has become a unique activity on campus where students, staff and supporters of vegetarian lifestyle gathered to share their green eating experiences and ideas. Discussion topics ranged from tailoring meat-free diets, tips to green dining, environmental awareness to benefits of green and sustainable living. Speakers of the event included leaders from local green groups, celebrities and fitness trainers who shared their life-changing journeys through plant-based eating. Also, scholars specialising in Chinese herbal medicine talked about a healthy vegetarian diet, common myths and misconceptions.

Participants not only had fruitful dialogues with the speakers, but also enjoyed a variety of hands-on activities, such as cooking vegan dishes and making fermented vegetables. In a food tasting session,  registered dietitians talked about the nutrition values of vegetarian dishes. Various catering outlets on campus also offered special green menus and discounts.

Carrying the message that going vegetarian is the door to a sustainable green lifestyle, VeggieLicious aimed to encourage the PolyU community to explore the benefits and flavours of vegetarian eating. This will, in turn, help to lower carbon footprint and improve health.