2016.02.15New urban farming movement on PolyU campus

Planter boxes set up on 6/F of Lee Shau Kee BuildingParticipants collaborated in groups to grow 15 food crops

A new urban farming programme has taken root in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) as the Campus Sustainability Office launched the brand new "Urban farming @Y6" programme on campus to encourage sustainable living in November 2015. It was warmly welcomed by the PolyU community.

Under this programme, 20 planter boxes had been set up in the outdoor area on 6/F of Lee Shau Kee Building (Block Y) to be managed by 30 participating PolyU staff and students for three months. Participants collaborated in groups to grow 15 food crops, including Chinese flowering cabbage, Emperor Vegetable, Salad Lettuce, Shanghai Pak Choi, herbs such as Orange Mint and Fennel, strawberries, etc.

In order to promote knowledge about eco-friendly farming methods among the participants and enhance their skills and techniques on gardening, a total of four workshops had been arranged between 16 November and 28 December 2015. Participants learnt about various cultivation skills such as soil composition and soil preparation, seeds sowing, fertilizer application and harvesting at the workshops. They also exchanged positively with the experienced tutor and among themselves.

The programme offered many benefits to participants who want to experience and learn organic farming practices. It demonstrated the possibilities of growing food crops on campus and enhancing social interaction. This interesting, stress relief activity also brought about a sense of accomplishment to the participants who had spent time and efforts in cultivating their crops. Participants grasped the importance of healthy eating as they enjoyed the nice harvest of organic fresh vegetables and fruits.