2015.12.09Campus-wide support to sustainability and green dining

Prof. Alexander Wai (3rd from left) invites participants to adopt a green and healthy diet.Participants make their own smoothies by riding on the smoothie-making bicycles.

With an objective to reinforce the significance of sustainability among the PolyU community and to raise awareness of green dining, the Campus Sustainability Committee and Campus Sustainability Office joined hands with Green Monday and various caterers on campus to organize the ever first "VeggieLicious" event on 25 November 2015. The event, held in Chan Sui Kau & Chan Lam Moon Chun Square, featured meaningful and interesting demonstrations, games and performance which attracted hundreds of enthusiastic "green" supporters.

At the beginning of the event, Ir Professor Alexander Wai, Vice President (Research Development) of PolyU, invited the participants to adopt a green and healthy diet and to care more about the environment. Mr David Yeung, Co-founder of Green Monday, further elaborated on the impact of heavy meat consumption, which is one of the biggest causes of global warming.

Participants were given a chance to make their own smoothies in a funny and interactive way. By riding on the smoothie-making bicycles with special blenders for less than a minute, they were able to produce their own cups of healthy pedal-powered fruit smoothie. In addition, organic homemade tofu demonstration was held and organic salad cups were given away to participants at this ever-first "Veggie Day" in PolyU.

Caterers also showed their support at the event. Booths were set up to present their custom-designed green comfort food such as pizza and sandwiches. Special "Veggie" discounts were offered upon selected vegetarian dishes and beverages at different campus catering outlets on the event day.

This fun-filled event won a big success and offered the participants an opportunity to discover and experience new ways to pursue a "green" life.