2015.09.10Linguistics educator receives prestigious UGC Teaching Award

Dr Gail Forey receives the 2015 UGC Teaching AwardDr Forey is currently the Programme Leader for the Doctorate in Applied Language Sciences

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is delighted to congratulate Dr Gail Forey, Associate Professor of the Department of English, on receiving the 2015 UGC Teaching Award which recognizes outstanding teaching performance and achievements, as well as leadership and scholarly contributions to teaching and learning. On 9 September, the honour was presented to her by the Secretary for Education Mr Eddie Ng Hak-kim at the award presentation ceremony.

Dr Forey has been teaching at PolyU for 19 years. She was the recipient of the Faculty's Award in Teaching in 2012 and the President's Award in Teaching in 2014. In 2013/14, she was awarded the Honorary Professorship by the Linguistic Society of the Philippines. Specializing in teaching Discourse Analysis and Professional Communication, she is currently the Programme Leader for the Doctorate in Applied Language Sciences.

As a distinguished academic and formidable educator, Dr Forey is fully committed to making a difference through teaching and to pursuing opportunities to advance her professional development. Through teaching, research and consultancy work, she keeps reflecting on her own practice in order to improve her teaching and enhance the support she provides for her students.

As Prof. Chu Hung-lam, Interim Dean of Faculty of Humanities, put it, "Dr Forey is exemplary. Her achievements will be inspiring to other colleagues and her experience will undoubtedly raise the pedagogical standards."

Dr Forey is not only regarded as an inspirational teacher by fellow colleagues, but also seen as a role model by students. She challenges students to reach their potentials through interactive resources, and in particular, energizes students by apprenticing them into the world of independent research and inquiry learning.

Matthew Whiley, a student of Master of Arts in English Language Teaching, remarked that "Dr Forey's depth of knowledge, clarity and energy are ever present but what makes her really stand out, what gives her a very special ability to inspire and enthuse her students, is the passion, integrity and warmth that shine through in every encounter."

In recent years, Dr Forey has led large-scale consultancy projects which focus on the professional development of teachers across primary, secondary and tertiary contexts. Through workshops that offered insights and tools to improve pedagogy, Dr Forey has successfully supported teachers, both locally and internationally, to become more active, reflective and hence more effective. This has, in turn, led to improvements in students' academic performance. The effort she has invested in advancing teachers' practice is tremendous and the impact she has had on students, teachers and education is phenomenal.

For further details on the Award, please visit: http://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/201509/09/P201509090870.htm