2015.04.10PolyU recognized as a Caring Organization

PolyU awarded the Caring Organization LogoCaring Organization Logo

PolyU was awarded the Caring Organization Logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Services in recognition of its commitment to various social responsibility initiatives in 2014/2015. At the Caring Partnership Expo 2015 held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 25 March 2015, PolyU celebrated the achievement with her nominators "Smile Foundation Limited" and "Christian Family Service Centre".

The physical and mental wellbeing of our employees are always among the top priorities. Besides implementing employee caring policies such as paternity leave and compassionate leave, the University also organizes various kinds of interest classes, health talks and work-life balance programmes to promote positive mindset and healthy lifestyle for our employees.

Dedicated to serving the community, PolyU was the first university in Hong Kong to make Service-Learning mandatory for all undergraduate degree students. The credit-bearing "Service-Learning" programme connects professional education with societal needs, providing an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge in improving the lives of those less fortunate. PolyU also provides a wide variety of volunteer services to different needy groups and makes donation to non-profit organizations. The donation of PolyU's Institute for Entrepreneurship to Smile Foundation Limited is just one example.

PolyU also cares for the environment. The university has introduced a number of environmental friendly and sustainable initiatives including the introduction of environmental friendly features in the new developments and the enhancement of energy efficiency of existing chiller systems and other utilities to reduce carbon footprint. Campaigns such as "Environmental Week" and "Sustainability Weeks" are organized regularly to champion environmental-friendly and green culture within the university community.

PolyU looks forward to continue serving and contributing to the society of Hong Kong and beyond.