In a recent interview, Dr Lam Tai-fai, Council Chairman of PolyU, shared his insights into the organisation of the PolyU Chinese Culture Festival. He remarked that, the Festival is a testament to PolyU’s commitment to promoting Chinese culture, alongside its dedication to scientific research.


At the heart of the Festival lies the mission to inspire and engage the younger generation, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the richness of Chinese culture. However the journey to bring this vision to life was not without challenges. Initially, the team anticipated the primary challenge to be sourcing artworks for the exhibitions. But as they delved deeper into the process, they realised that the hurdles included carefully curating the art pieces from the vast array of options, managing the logistical complexities involved in transporting and preserving valuable art pieces, and aligning schedules with artists to facilitate their visits to PolyU.


Despite these challenges, the University persevered, and over the past few months, PolyU successfully organised various exhibitions showcasing Chinese traditional porcelain, embroidery, indigo dyeing, and other captivating art forms as the themes for the Festival. Dr Lam expressed his profound admiration for the extraordinary talent possessed by the artists involved, citing the intricate embroidery as an example. “Witnessing their exceptional talent fills me with a sense of pride, underscoring the extensive and profound nature of Chinese culture,” he said.


Dr Lam believes in the importance of firsthand experience when it comes to genuinely appreciating artworks. As a result, the Festival goes beyond exhibitions and also incorporates interactive workshops. These workshops are specially designed to invite schools and community groups in engaging with the art at PolyU. “Through these workshops, students will be captivated by the intricate beauty and profound richness of Chinese traditional art, as well as gaining insights into the unwavering enthusiasm and tireless effort demonstrated by the artists,” he noted.


Dr Lam extended his heartiest gratitude to the partnering universities in the Mainland and co-organisers for their staunch and unwavering support. The PolyU Chinese Culture Festival reflects the University's commitment to preserving and promoting Chinese heritage, a journey that requires determination, perseverance, and a shared passion for the richness of Chinese culture.


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More events are in the pipeline, promising to engage and inspire the PolyU community and beyond with a diverse range of activities and experiences. Stay tuned!