Prof. Man Hau-chung shares insights into the planning of San Tin Technopole

In an interview with Master Insight, Prof. Man Hau-chung, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, discussed how Hong Kong can develop innovation and technology and transform San Tin Technopole into a vibrant community.


Prof. Man suggested Hong Kong could make use of San Tin Technopole to attract international talent amidst keen global competition but also stressed the importance of balancing development with preserving the local culture and environment. He also recommended focusing on complementing Mainland China’s strengths with Hong Kong’s advantages in finance, law and intellectual capital, as well as on cross-sector collaboration between government, academia and business to support emerging industries. While geopolitics pose challenges, there are many non-sensitive areas Hong Kong can excel in, such as biotechnology, medical devices and renewable energy where advances can improve everyday living. He believes clear priorities aligning resources and partnerships with leading companies are key to building up Hong Kong as an international innovation hub.


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