On 24 July 2023, PolyU Design hosted the Asia Pacific Art and Culture Technology Forum, gathering academic and industry leaders from Zhejiang University, The University of California at Davis, Tencent Games and Lightspeed Studios to share their insights into the applications of generative AI in driving creative innovation in the art-tech field.


Prof. Christopher Chao, Vice President (Research and Innovation), delivered the opening remarks and announced the establishment of the Research Centre on Cultural and Art Technology (CAT) and the PolyU-NVIDIA Joint Research Centre. He said, “The two new research centres demonstrate PolyU’s determination in fostering art and culture technology development internationally. As a leading research institution in culture and art technology, the research centres will conduct cutting-edge and emerging research on the integration of technology and culture, art and design.”


Leveraging Hong Kong’s unique position in vibrant art and creative activities within the Greater Bay Area (GBA), CAT intends to become a world-leading research centre in culture and art technology for the innovation of culture, art technology and interactive media, as well as for nurturing next-generation talents and conducting collaborative research. The PolyU-NVIDIA Joint Research Centre is the first-ever research centre associated with a design school, which was jointly established with NVIDIA, a world-leading company in the areas of artificial intelligence computing and art-tech.


Prof. Henry Duh, Centre Director of CAT and PolyU-NVIDIA Joint Research Centre, said, “PolyU is excited to collaborate with art and cultural groups to advance avant-garde art technology research and explore new business opportunities utilising AI tools. We are open to forming varied partnerships through engaging with GBA and Hong Kong creative industries. Additionally, we welcome partnerships with institutions and funding bodies to support Hong Kong’s art community and cultural groups.”