PolyU is dedicated to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. The University fosters academic-led startups to translate research results and innovations into products for mass production, benefitting society at large.


On 27 April 2022, Commissioner for Innovation and Technology Ms Rebecca Pun visited the PolyU InnoHub, a co-working space for University-supported startups, and met three PolyU research teams to understand their innovations and applications. She was also briefed about how the University supports start-ups and incubates entrepreneurship by PolyU Executive Vice President Dr Miranda Lou.


The innovations developed by the three research teams are closely related to COVID-19. The disinfectant coating developed by PolyU Professor Li Pei and DBA student Tenny Lam was commercialised through their startup named Grand Rise Technology Limited. The coating can be applied to various equipment for disinfection, contamination control and anti-epidemic protection. The company has also recently developed 3D protective masks made from natural antimicrobial biomaterials, as well as a disinfectant coating with enhanced protection features.


Another academic-led startup is Immune Materials formed by Associate Professor Dr Chris Lo Kwan-yu and his research team. Their innovation is a novel COVID-19 killing 3D printing material which can be used to produce equipment that is touched frequently, such as door handles, to reduce the chance of virus transmission.


Professor Yip Shea-ping, Dr Thomas Lee and their research team are establishing a startup for the production of a portable nucleic acid testing device for COVID-19. The device can test both human and environmental samples with 100% sensitivity and specificity, and can thus facilitate personal and environmental hygiene management.