PolyU is thrilled to announce that the University has attained remarkable results in the recently announced 2022 Top Universities Rankings conducted by the international academic website Research.com, based on the assessment of h-index performance and bibliometric indicators.


In this year’s ranking exercise, seven PolyU disciplines were ranked top 100 globally. 16 disciplines were ranked top 50 in China, within which nine were among China’s top ten. The University topped the national list in Business and Management, as well as in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Details of the nine top rankings are as follows: 

DisciplineNational ranking
Business and Management1st
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering1st
Engineering and Technology2nd
Economics and Finance3rd
Computer Science8th
Electronics and Electrical Engineering9th


Furthermore, we are equally happy to see that 19 PolyU scholars from various academic fields are ranked top 20 nationally in this round of Top Scientists Rankings. The list of scholars is as follows:

DisciplineName (Department)National ranking
PsychologyProf. Michael Harris Bond (MM)1st
Business and Management/ Engineering and TechnologyProf. Albert P.C. Chan (BRE)2nd / 31st
Computer ScienceProf. Lei Zhang (COMP)2nd
MathematicsProf. Liqun Qi (AMA)3rd
Business and ManagementProf. Edwin Cheng (LMS)3rd
PsychologyProf. Daniel T. L. Shek (APSS)3rd
Business and Management/ Engineering and TechnologyProf. Heng Li (BRE)4th / 6th
Business and ManagementProf. Kee-hung Lai (LMS)6th
Economics and FinanceProf. Haiyan Song (SHTM)6th
Business and ManagementProf. Eric W.T. Ngai (MM)7th
Environmental SciencesProf. Shuncheng Lee (CEE)11th
Engineering and TechnologyProf. Jin-Guang Teng (CEE)13th
PsychologyProf. David Shum (RS)13th
Environmental SciencesProf. Xiangdong Li (CEE)14th
Environmental SciencesProf. Daniel C. W. Tsang (CEE)15th
Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringProf. Hongxing Yang (BEEE)15th
Business and ManagementProf. Cathy H.C. Hsu (SHTM)18th
Engineering and TechnologyProf. Shengwei Wang (BEEE)19th
Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringProf. You-Lin Xu (CEE)19th


PolyU will make reference to various forms of evaluation criteria to identify areas for enhancement, while continuing its efforts to improve research quality and foster an interdisciplinary research culture, so as to contribute to the development of Hong Kong, our Nation and the world.


To learn more about the 2022 Top Universities Rankings and Top Scientists Rankings, please refer to https://research.com.