Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Mrs Carrie Lam set out in her administration’s latest Policy Address various new initiatives to support the development of the city as a global innovation and technology hub and to enhance the competitiveness of the higher education sector.


These initiatives include the provision of additional land for innovation and technology use, the establishment of an InnoLife Healthtech Hub, and other measures to promote the development of innovation and technology in Hong Kong. The Government also announced initiatives to encourage young people to pursue careers in research and innovation, and to support them in participating in the Nation’s development.


“This year’s Policy Address deserves our praise. It is forward-looking, comprehensive and visionary,” said Dr Lam Tai-fai, Chairman of Council of PolyU. “I am sure the Policy Address initiatives will also bring about long-term prosperity and stability, and help solve deep-rooted social problems.”


He thanked the Chief Executive for recognising PolyU’s contribution to the Nation’s space programmes in the Policy Address, and is particularly grateful to the Government for supporting the University in exploring the new use of its Hung Hom Bay Campus for academic and research development.


PolyU is also grateful towards the current administration’s staunch support in nurturing talents and promoting innovation and technology, as well as the development of a more comprehensive innovation and technology ecosystem.


“PolyU is encouraged by the Government’s commitment in promoting the development of innovation and technology, which will enable local universities to give full play to Hong Kong’s edge in scientific research,” said Professor Jin-Guang Teng, President of PolyU.


Furthermore, PolyU welcomes Government initiatives to invite the University Grants Committee to assess the supply of and demand for UGC-funded research postgraduate places, as well as the relaxation of the over-enrolment ceiling for these places. PolyU believes these will help the University in nurturing more high-calibre research talents.


Looking forward, Professor Teng said PolyU will make greater contributions in supporting the Government’s efforts in developing the Greater Bay Area and promoting innovation and technology. The University will also advance its initiatives in education, research collaboration, and knowledge transfer in the Greater Bay Area.