PolyU research teams have been awarded the prestigious TechConnect Global Innovation Awards for the fifth consecutive year. The University was also the only higher education institution in Hong Kong this year that received the honours.


At the TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo, held in Washington DC this month, two PolyU innovations in the area of “Materials & Manufacturing” and another in “AI, Data, Cyber & Software” won the awards, which recognised the top 15% of submitted technologies based on their potential positive impact in different technological areas.


A number of other PolyU inventions were also shortlisted in the TechConnect Innovation Showcase that highlighted promising technologies within their respective fields.


“I am delighted that PolyU’s latest innovations have been recognised and showcased at TechConnect,” said Professor Christopher Chao, Vice President (Research and Innovation) of PolyU.


“Not only does this acknowledge the value of PolyU’s impactful research and the innovations that shape smart city development and tackle various environmental and public health issues, but it also paves the way for further research collaboration in the global arena,” he added.


PolyU’s three award-winning innovations are:


  1. Sweatextile: A Nature-Inspired Textile of Unidirectional Water Transport and Dissipation for Moisture Management, Comfort and Protection by Dr Shou Dahua, Professor Fan Jintu and Dr Wei Xin, Institute of Textiles and Clothing
  2. HF-free facile and rapid synthesis of MXenes related materials for Efficient Energy Conversion and Storage Applications by Professor Hao Jianhua and Ms Pang Sin-Yi, Department of Applied Physics
  3. 3D LiDAR Aided GNSS Precise Positioning for Level 4 Autonomous Driving by Dr Hsu Li-Ta and Dr Wen Weisong, Department of Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering

The PolyU inventions in the TechConnect Innovation Showcase included advanced material and manufacturing innovations, such as:


  • an integrated microfluidic system that can replicate natural photosynthesis with greater energy efficiency;
  • an eco-friendly smart coating material which adopts a “smart” cooling mechanism that can both enhance daytime cooling and minimise nighttime heat loss; and
  • a novel antimicrobial 3D printing technology that enables new medical usage of 3D printing products to combat contact transmission of lethal microbes in public areas.

For more details of the event and the awards, please refer to TechConnect’s official website