The PolyU Design Show 2021 organised by the School of Design of PolyU is presenting creative design solutions by interdisciplinary students virtually and physically until 31 July 2021. A media interview was held recently to introduce one of the showpieces, ISOASIS.


An interdisciplinary capstone project, ISOASIS aims to create a sustainable, holistic, and user-centred quarantine experience through interior, product, and communication design systems. The project envisions a quarantine system that focuses beyond the physical needs of the users and transforms quarantine into a mentally rewarding experience. Siu Mo To, a small island north of Lantau Island and with close proximity to the airport, was selected to illustrate the concept of ISOASIS.


The student designers conducted a survey about actual quarantine centres, and found that their major problems are an unsatisfactory interior environment, lack of diversified activities and the use of plastic cutleries. As such, the designers focused on a personalised experience for quarantine users, such as “chromotherapy” to improve their mental well-being, and sports equipment like foldable yoga mats and ropes. Users may also order takeaways through mobile apps, while the food containers are made of bamboo, recycled plastic and bacteria repellent materials that are reusable.


To learn more about the project, please have a look at the media reports:


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