PolyU’s Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation has been cooperating with secondary schools to carry out the SoInno Design Education programme since 2018. This is the first programme in Hong Kong that integrates elements of “social innovation” and “design thinking” into the secondary school curriculum.


Gwen Chan, Project Manager II of the Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation, said in a media interview, “The programme has received an overwhelming response from secondary schools. Over 4,000 students from 17 schools have been inspired to create socially innovative solutions over the years.”


Toi Shan Association College was one of the participating schools. Their students created a seesaw for users to experience the unfairness that people with disabilities face. Sitting on one side, users will see all the unjust comments on the disabled, while encouraging messages will be shown on the other side. They also built a compressed space with strips of cloth printed with news and data about the disparity between the rich and the poor, aiming to arouse people’s concerns about the issue of elderly poverty.


Students from SKH Holy Carpenter Secondary School chose to come up with a language learning solution. They designed a set of flash cards for junior classes to learn English slang. The cards are made vivid and engaging by featuring some strange yet amusing Chinese translations. The school is considering making use of these cards as teaching materials.


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