For undergraduates who are interested in becoming a researcher or innovator, it’s never too early to kick-start the preparation work. This summer, PolyU is proud to launch a brand new programme, the “Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scheme” (URIS), designed for full-time undergraduate students who are keen on developing their critical thinking skills and innovative problem-solving abilities through research work.


URIS does not only aim to enrich the learning experience of PolyU students, but also serves as a platform to nurture future scholars. Through proactive engagement in research work, students can ignite their academic curiosity and sharpen their high-order thinking skills. The experience and skills they acquire through research will help them better prepare for their future endeavours, leading them to broader career horizons after graduation.


For the first cohort of the Scheme, about 100 undergraduate students will be selected to conduct individual or group research under the supervision of an academic staff member. The University will provide support to each project team by providing small research grants that last for up to two years. Furthermore, students enrolled on URIS will be automatically admitted to the virtual College of Undergraduate Researchers and Innovators (CURI), and will have priority admission to the new Residential College with an enhanced guidance system to help promote holistic student development.


To understand the rationale behind the Scheme and how it is set to encourage students undertaking research during their 4-year undergraduate studies, please click here.