PolyU E-Formula Racing Team

Many people dream of hopping behind the wheel of a race car, and so do our PolyU E-Formula Racing Team (PERT) members. What people might not know is that designing, building and optimising a formula-style racing car is not as easy as it looks, and is not something one can do alone. To tackle such challenges, our PERT members learnt how to collaborate and solve problems together, utilising their knowledge and strengths to create the best possible results.


Under the guidance of Professor H. C. Man, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, the PERT was established in 2015 and has now grown into a multidisciplinary team comprising over 40 undergraduate members from a broad range of disciplines, including Engineering, Business and Design. Being the first ever electric formula student team in Hong Kong participating in the Formula Student Electric China, the team is fully backed up by experienced technicians from the PolyU Industrial Centre and professors from respective faculties. The team has also gained support from the formula sports industry, as well as from different professionals and organisations who support the team through various means.


Despite all the hiccups that came with the pandemic in the past year, the PERT managed to keep up their good work by launching the HKF-04E racing car (the fourth edition of the student-built electric formula car), and progressing to the development of HKF-05E which is meant for the next coming competition. We are thrilled to see that the PERT members are contributing not only their time and efforts but also their hearts to take their team to the next level!


Visit the website  of the PERT to learn more about our team of passionate young talents, who are eager to realise their car racing dreams.