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Research Seminars


Research Seminar Series

18 Mar 2024

Glacial Isostatic Adjustment and Sea-level Change in Singapore and Southeast Asia: Implications from past to future

Dr Tanghua LI

Earth Observatory of Singapore
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

18 Mar 2024 Investigating Holocene relative sea-level changes in the tropics Dr Fangyi TAN
Earth Observatory of Singapore
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
15 Mar 2024 Mapping under LLM: Two Hierarchical Solutions Prof. Tinghua AI
Professor, School of Resource and Environmental Sciences, Wuhan University
14 Mar 2024  月球重力場 李斐 教授

11 Mar 2024

Research on the Development of BeiDou High Precision Positioning Navigation and Timing Service

Chief Professor of Navigation Department, School of Electronic Information Engineering, Beihang University  
23 Jan 2024 Altimeter Methods for Interdisciplinary Satellite Geodesy Prof. C K SHUM
Professor and Distinguished University Scholar, Division of Geodetic Science, School of Earth Sciences, The Ohio State University, United States
21 Dec 2023 Space Resources Exploitation and Utilization - A Geodetic Perspective Prof. Kefei Zhang
Professor of China University of Mining and Technology
Honorary Professor of RMIT University, Australia
11 Dec 2023 Remote sensing of atmospheric composition: aerosol, nitrogen oxide and methane Prof. Kai QIN
Head of Department of Remote Sensing and GIS, China University of Mining and Technology
 7 Dec 2023 The Future of Digital Twin Technology in Smart Cities Development in China Dr Tao HE
Executive Director, Shenzhen Aerospace Smart City System Technology Co., Ltd.
 1 Dec 2023 時空基準發展的現狀、挑戰與相關問題思考 孫和平 教授
中國科學院 院士
7 Nov 2023 Four Cases of Flood-risk Reduction in Coastal Cities Dr Paul Chan
CIO (retired), U.S. National Weather Service
11 Oct 2023 Structure and Function of Hypergraph Based High-order Networks Prof. Zi-Ke ZHANG
Professor, College of Media and International Culture, Zhejiang University
6 Oct 2023  The Evolution of GIS and Examples of a Sino-Austrian Cooperation Prof. Wolfgang KAINZ
Professor, University of Vienna
6 Oct 2023  Is Trade Decoupling from China after the US-China Trade War and COVID-19?

Dr Wei LIU
Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore

27 Sep 2023  The Story of Groundwater: Think Globally, Act Locally

Prof. Yan ZHENG
Chair Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology

15 Sep 2023 Achieving Water Security in the Context of the Food-Energy-Water Nexus Prof. Ximing CAI
Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
11 Sep 2023 Advancements in BeiDou Disaster Monitoring and Early Warning Technology through UAV-Deployed Equipment

Prof. Zhang Qin
Professor, Chang'an University

31 Aug 2023 Human-Environmental Interaction - Using Crowdsourcing Human and Earth Observation Data to Quantify Tri-environments (Social, Built and Natural Environment)

Dr Siqin Sisi WANG

Associate Professor, University of Southern California, US

7 Aug 2023 Human-Oriented Geospatial Data Analytics

Prof. Xiaobai Angela YAO
Professor of Geography, The University of Georgia

7 Jun 2023 3D Scene Modeling in a Geo-Environment
Dr Rongjun Qin
Associate Professor, The Ohio State University
19 May 2023 Network and Graph based SpaceTimeAI for Smart Cities 

Prof. Tao CHENG
Professor, University College London

15 May 2023  Data science for intelligent operations of air transport systems

Dr Lishuai LI
Associate Professor, City University of Hong Kong

23 Mar 2023  Discovering Social Conflicts based on Social Media Data
Prof. Wei Huang
Professor, Tongji University
16 Mar 2023 Self-calibration of Terrestrial Laser Scanner using a M3C2-based Planar Patch Algorithm

Dr. Jing Qiao
Assistant Professor, Tongji University

7 Feb 2023 Photogrammetric Computer Vision

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Heipke
Professor, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany

21 Jan 2023 2023 Atmospheric and Coastal Observations for Weather Servicing (2023 ACOWS)

Prof. Hui Su
Global STEM Professor, HKUST

Mr. P. W. Chan
Assistant Director, Hong Kong Observatory

Mr. Shiwei Yu, Mr. Yangzhao Gong, Mr. Jiafei Xu
PhD students, PolyU

10 Jan 2023 GNSS Tropospheric Sounding - The Way Forward
Prof. Kefei Zhang
Professor of China University of Mining and Technology
Honorary Professor of RMIT University, Australia
12 Dec 2022 From the 2021 Henan flooding to 2022 summer heatwaves: influence of global warming on extreme weather and climate

Dr. Xuebin Zhang
Senior Research Scientist with Climate Research Division, Environment and Climate Change Canada

2 Dec 2022 The Role of Scientific Open-Source Tools in Supporting Open Science
Professor Antonis Giannopoulos
Chair of Applied Geophysics and Computational Electrodynamics, The University of Edinburgh, UK
22 Nov 2022 Carbon Emission Accounts and Low-carbon Development
Dr. Yuli SHAN
Associate Professor, University of Birmingham, UK

17 Oct 2022 Towards Deep Visual Scene Understanding
Dr. Michael Ying YANG
Assistant Professor, University of Twente, The Netherlands
12 Oct 2022 Citizens on the Map

Prof. Tuong-Thuy Vu
Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Science, Curtin University Malaysia

5 Oct 2022  History of Climate and Society: Exploring the archives of societies in China
Dr. Qing PEI
Associate Head, Department of Social Sciences, Education University of Hong Kong
30 Sep 2022 When GIS meets COVID 19: digital health geography at the national and global level

Dr. Siqin WANG, Sisi
Research Fellow, Japan Society of Promotion of Sciences (JSPS)

28 Sep 2022 Regional integration in the Horn of Africa: An inter city connectivity perspective
Dr. Mingshu WANG
Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), University of Glasgow, UK
23 Sep 2022 Crowdsourcing Geospatial Data in Urban Sciences: Progress and Challenges
Dr. Xiao HUANG
Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas, US
16 Sep 2022 Urban Cellular Automata Modelling: Applications, Challenges and Future Research
Professor Yan LIU
Professor, The University of Queensland, Australia
2 Sep 2022  Geodetic and Remote Sensing Observations of Thawing Permafrost Dr. Lin LIU
Associate Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
29 Jul 2022  A computational geography approach to understanding human-urban environment interactions Dr. Junjun YIN
Assistant Research Professor, Pennsylvania State University, United States

4 May 2022 The impacts of public health interventions and weather conditions on controlling COVID-19 outbreaks in Hong Kong: using modelling approaches
Dr. Sean Hsiang-Yu YUAN
Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences, City University of Hong Kong
7 Apr 2022  Using a multiscalar GRACE-based standardized terrestrial water storage index for drought assessment Dr. Jianfeng Li
Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, Director of the Centre for Geo-computation Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University
28 Mar 2022 A journey of extending the horizon of positioning and mapping technology from forestry to smart construction  Prof. Joon Heo
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Yonsei University 
25 Mar 2022 Towards large-scale assessments of coastal risks in view of climate change
Dr. Michalis Vousdoukas
Coastal Oceanographer, European Commission, Joint Research Centre Economics of Climate Change, Energy & Transport
25 Feb 2022  Exploring socio-spatial inequalities in urban mobility
Dr. Chen ZHONG
Associate Professor, Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), University College London, UK
18 Feb 2022 Urban Visual Intelligence: Perceiving Cities with AI and Street-level Imagery
Senior Research Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Senseable City Lab
11 Feb 2022 Active Hope in the Changing World: Geospatial Approaches to Enhancing Disaster and Pandemic Resilience
Dr. Lei ZOU
Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Texas A&M University (TAMU)

28 Jan 2022  A new method for identifying built-up areas using night-time light data –  A case study of 600+ Chinese cities Dr. Li WAN
Assistant Professor, University of Cambridge, UK
20 Dec 2021 Water Vapor, Clouds, and Convective Storms in the Atmosphere

Dr. Xiaoming SHI
Assistant Professor, Division of Environment and Sustainability, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

16 Dec 2021 Applying data science methods to measure and to evaluate the urban design of our cities

Dr. Stephen Law
Lecturer in Social and Geographic Data Science, UCL Geography Turing Fellow, The Alan Turing Institute

2 Dec 2021 Generating 3D semantic building models using crowdsourcing street-level image data

Prof. Hongchao FAN
Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

24 Nov 2021 Remote Sensing of Urban Impervious Surfaces in Tropical and Subtropical Areas

Dr. Hongsheng ZHANG
Assistant Professor, Department of Geography The University of Hong Kong

18 Nov 2021 Urban Morphology and Traffic Congestion

Dr. Mingshu WANG
Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), University of Glasgow, UK

27 Aug 2021 The Practice of City Information Modeling for Urban Governance

Dr. YANG Tao
Executive Deputy Director, Future City Lab, China Academy of Urban Planning and Design 

19 Aug 2021 Representing and visualizing interpersonal relationships and social life as geospatial data

Dr. Clio Andris
Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, US

6 Aug 2021 Applying Geospatial Data Science Techniques in Urban and Health Research

Prof. Xiaobai Angela Yao
Professor Geography Department, University of Georgia

30 Jul 2021

Addressing the Uncertain Geographic Context Problem by Accurately Delineating Environmental Context in Space-time and Assessing Individual Exposure with GIS and GPS

Dr. Jue WANG
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
22 Jul 2021 Earth Greening and the Vegetation-energy-carbon Nexus

Dr. Chi Chen
Postdoctoral researcher, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA

8 Jul 2021 Research at the Urban Analytics Lab at the National University of Singapore

Dr. Filip Biljecki
Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore

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