Campus Wayfinding Service

Solution Design and Management Service

Campus Wayfinding Service provides an interactive platform for navigation and promotion at PolyU. It consists of kiosk, a mobile application (‘POLY:U:WAY’) and an administration portal. Students, staff and visitors can find their way easily within the PolyU campus via the kiosk or mobile app ‘POLY:U:WAY’. Eligible staff users can manage information on rooms, venues, events, and send location-based notifications to mobile app with the user-friendly administration portal.

Access to the service

Eligible users

Full-time staff, Part-time staff, Full-time students, Part-time students, HKCC, Alumni, Affilate, Guests

Service hours and availability

  • Kiosk: Mon - Sat: 8:30 to 22:00
  • Service available hours: 7 X 24
  • Service support hours: HelpCentre service hours

Service Requests and Change Requests

Policies relevant to the service

Service level

All service request are classified as level 1 to 4 depending on its impact & urgency.

  • Level 1 – Service Request Resolution Time:
  • Level 2 – Service Request Resolution Time:
  • Level 3 – Service Request Resolution Time:
  • Level 4 – Service Request Resolution Time:

All Incident are classified as level 0 to 4 depending on its impact & urgency.

  • Level 0 – Incident Resolution Time:
  • Level 1 – Incident Resolution Time:
  • Level 2 – Incident Resolution Time:
  • Level 3 – Incident Resolution Time:
  • Level 4 – Incident Resolution Time:

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