1. Wireless Access on Campus

PolyU WiFi

To provide a convenient way for you to connect your mobile devices to the campus network and to facilitate computer-aided teaching, WiFi access points have been installed throughout the campus. They can be found at all departmental offices, laboratories, and public areas including all lecture theatres and general teaching rooms, ITS Student Computer Centre, Library, sports centres, canteens, Chiang Chen Studio Theatre and Jockey Club Auditorium. WiFi access points have also been installed at the Student Halls of Residence in Hung Hom and Ho Man Tin.

To avoid unauthorized access to the University's IT resources, authentication is required for connection. Please follow the steps here to configure your mobile device for using the WiFi service on campus and the Student Halls of Residence.

Wireless Access via ' Wi-Fi.HK via PolyU '

To support the HKSAR Government’s ‘City-wide Wi-Fi for the Public and Visitors’ initiative as set out in the ‘2014 Digital 21 Strategy’, PolyU provides free Wi-Fi service to the public and visitors on campus. Visitors can enjoy free Wi-Fi service by selecting the WiFi SSID (Service Set Identifier) of ‘Wi-Fi.HK via PolyU’. After accepting the terms and conditions, users can use the service for two hours, after which they have to accept the terms again to continue using the service.


2. Network Access off Campus

Wireless Access at Local and Overseas Institutions

To provide staff and students with convenient wireless access while visiting local and overseas institutions, PolyU has joined the 'eduroam' initiative which is a WLAN mutual access initiative among member institutions around the world. By configuring the WLAN parameters of your mobile device, you can get convenient network access at all eduroam institutions locally and overseas. More information on 'eduroam' and its member list can be found here.

Please follow the steps here to configure your mobile device for using the 'eduroam' service.


Wireless Access at Public Places in Hong Kong

Through collaboration with local wireless service providers including CSL and Y5ZONE, free wireless Internet access has been extended to off campus. PolyU staff and students can enjoy free Internet connectivity at thousands of hotspots at public places around Hong Kong at popular shopping malls, restaurants, fast food chains, coffee shops, convenience stores, MTR stations, telephone kiosks, etc. Please follow the steps here to configure your mobile device for using the CSL and Y5ZONE wireless access services.

Click here for the list of CSL hotspots.
(Please note that only those locations marked with * support IEEE 802.1x and can be used by PolyU users.)

Click here for the list of Y5ZONE hotspots.


3. Summary of Wireless Access Services

The table below summarizes the various wireless access services available to the PolyU community:

Wireless Service

Service Locations

Eligible Users


Login ID & Password


‧PolyU Campus
‧Hung Hom Halls
‧Ho Man Tin Halls
‧Hotel ICON

‧PolyU Staff
‧PolyU Students and Graduates*


Login ID: <NetID>@polyu.edu.hk
Password: NetPassword

Login ID:<StudentID>@connect.polyu.hk
Password: NetPassword


‧PolyU Campus
‧Hung Hom Halls
‧Hotel ICON
‧eduroam member institutions worldwide

‧PolyU Staff
‧PolyU Students & Graduates*



CSL hotspots

‧PolyU Staff
‧PolyU Students

Universities via CSL


‧Y5ZONE hotspots

‧PoyU Staff
‧PolyU Students

Universities via Y5ZONE

Wi-Fi.HK via PolyU

‧PolyU Campus


Wi-Fi.HK via PolyU


(2 hours per session free Wi-Fi access. Need to re-connect after 2 hours connection time.)

#Users may also use their NetID as login 10.

*Students who have completed their UGC-funded study programmes on or after 11 April 2011


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