1.  Content Customization

The contents of myPolyU are customized for three major user groups: Staff, Student, Alumni and Others.  The following table summarizes the user classes covered in the three users groups.

  User Group User Classes Covered
1 Staff PolyU Staff
Emeritus Professor (EPROF)
2 Student PolyU Student
3 Alumni PolyU Alumni
4 Others CPCE Staff
Affiliate (Nominated staff of PolyU subsidiaries)
Long Serving Retiree

The contents on the homepage are customized for each user group.  Furthermore, individual link pages have their own access permission.

2.  Facilities for Locating Systems & Websites

myPolyU provides three facilities for you to locate the systems & websites that you need:

  1. ‘PolyU Search’
    You can use it to search both PolyU public and intranet website contents by entering a search phrase.  This search facility is powered by the new PolyU Enterprise Search Engine.
  2. ‘Quick Links’ (on the Homepage)
    It provides links to major systems /websites that users under the corresponding user group access frequently.
  3. ‘Link Page’
    Each link page contains categorized links to essential systems /websites for carrying out a specific type of activities as shown below.  The details of the link pages are summarized in the following table:
Link Page Activities Served Access Permission (user group)
Employee Employee wellbeing & development Staff
Academic Academic activities & related administration Staff
Research Research activities & related administration Staff
Teaching Teaching activities & related administration Staff
Administration Other administration activities Staff
Student Student wellbeing & development Staff, Student
Learning Learning activities Staff, Student
General Links to common accessed systems /websites Alumni, Others
Alumni Alumni wellbeing & development Alumni
Organization Links to official websites of the University’s organizational units All user groups

Contents in the link pages are contributed by various departments /units and managed by ITS with the support of nominated host departments.  The links are constantly validated and checked to ensure that they are relevant and up-to-date.

We encourage contributing departments /units to submit link change requests promptly via HelpCentre Online Tracking System (HOTS) by the Departmental Computer Liaison Officer (CLO).

3.  Promotion Facilities

Facilities are provided on myPolyU Homepage for departments /units of the University to promote important upcoming events and latest themes to the target user group(s).

  1. Event Banner
    Once you have successfully logged into myPolyU, you will see the upcoming events and latest themes targeted to your user group in the customized Event Banner on the homepage.  You can click on any rolling image on the Event Banner to view the details of the corresponding event /theme.
  2. University Event Calendar for Visitors
    The University Event Calendar for Visitors is also displayed on the homepage for your easy reference.

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