Today’s multifunction printer (MFP) does more than print. It scans, sends and stores potentially sensitive information. Printers process documents created by users and business applications across the entire University on a daily basis and some of these documents represent and contain confidential information that demands our attention. It is important to safeguard sensitive/confidential information and limit access on a need-to-know basis. Departments / Offices are therefore advised to consider and implement appropriate measures and practices to ensure effective and secure printing, particularly when sourcing printing solutions to meet their operational requirements.

To facilitate departments/ offices in selecting printing solution which is secure, environmental friendly and economical, a standard guideline for multifunction printers has been jointly developed by ITS and CSO. The guideline includes the PolyU printing standards to safeguard printing security and some turn-key printing solutions available for departments/offices.  

PolyU Multifunction Printer Standard Guidelines



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