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Brief Biosketch

Prof. L.C. Chan graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1979. After several years of experience in industry, he went to U.K. and got his MSc. in Mechanical Engineering. Then, he came back to Hong Kong and had been worked in Manufacturing Engineering Division of the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) for more than 10 year as Consultant and later promoted to Senior Consultant. He got his PhD from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in 1997 and was then employed in the Department of Manufacturing Engineering (currently known as Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering) as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and later promoted to Professor. During his service period in HKPC and PolyU, he was mainly responsible for the research and development of solid and sheet metal processing as well as relevant forming technologies. Metal forming, process simulation, fine-blanking, tool design and manufacture as well as rapid prototyping together with advanced manufacturing technologies are main areas in his recent research work and career development.

Teaching and Research Specialties

For Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering:

  • Level 2: Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes; Manufacturing Technology;
  • Level 3: Tool Design; Design for Manufacture; Manufacturing Systems and Technology;
  • Level 4: Advanced Mould and Die Design; Task Consultation of Design for Manufacture;
  • Level 5:  Precision Tooling Technology.

For Management and Executive Development Centre of the Institute for Enterprise- MEDC (under Institute for Enterprise)

  • Sheet Metal Processing and Solid Metal Forming Technology;
  • Tool Design in Practice;
  • Process Design Technology;
  • 高級先進製造技術課程:精密模具加工工藝設計及檢測
  • 精密模具加工工藝設計及檢測 for Leeport (Holdings) Limited.

Fields of Interest and Expertise

  • Advanced Sheet-metal Processing; 
  • Design and Manufacture of Precision Tooling Systems;
  • Fine-Blanking Technology;
  • Bulk Deformation and Sheet Metal Forming and their Process Simulations;
  • Advanced Manufacturing Systems;
  • Rapid Prototyping Techniques.
  • Hydroforming Technology
  • Biomaterials

Honours and Awards (Partially)


  • Industrial and Engineering Service Grant Achievement Award, Faculty of Engineering, PolyU (2007)
  • Commercial Research and Development, Hong Kong Productivity Council (1997)
  • Best Individual Application Project Award – MIE Division, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (1997)

External Committees

  • Departmental Liaison Officer, Hong Kong Diecasting Association
  • Panel member of Appeal Tribunal Panel under Buildings Ordinance (Planning and Lands Branch, Development Bureau, Government Secretariat, HKSAR)
  • Committee Member of the Appeal Board Panel under Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance, CI-T Branch, Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, SAR
  • Senior Vice-Chairman, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Alumni Association (MILESAA) of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Committee member of Judging Panel for Hong Kong Mould & Die Council Awards (Student)
  • Executive Committee Member of Federation of Hong Kong Higher Education Staff Associations (FHKHESA)
  • External Assessor for the Applied Research and Development Schemes of the Applied Research Council
  • External Examiner of the course in Higher Diploma in Automotive Engineering of Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
  • Founder Member of the Hong Kong Metals Manufacturers Association (HKMMA)
  • External Examiner of the Course in Mechanical Engineering of the Vocational Training Council.
  • Mentor, Institute of Mechanical Engineer, Hong Kong Chapter

RGC Grants and other Externally Funded Projects

General Research Fund (GRF)

  • Multiscale Damage-based Failure Prediction in Warm Forging Biocompatible Alloys for Medical Devices and Implants (PolyU 5115/11E)
  • Multiscale Damage Analysis on Multistage Hydroforming of Magnesium Alloy Sheets (PolyU 5119/09E)
  • Damage-based Failure Analysis of Thermal-hydroforming Lightweight Laser-welded Tubular Blanks (PolyU 5114/07E)
  • Failure Prediction of Laser Tailor-welded Blanks under Multi-Stage Forming(PolyU5255/04E)
  • Failure Prediction of Laser Tailor-welded Blanks under Multi-Stage Forming Process (PolyU5261/03E)
  • A Study of the Formability of Tailor-welded Blanks using Non-linear Heterogeneous Analysis (PolyU5178/01E)

Innovation Technology Fund (ITF)

  • System Development for Leather Quality Inspection and Nesting with Computer-aided Image Processing Enhancing Human Machine Interface (ITS/306/16FX)
  • Energy-efficient Trial-equipment Development Enabling Ultra-heavy Duty Locking and Super-high Pressure Injection for Warm Hydrostatic-forming Large-scale Tubular Vehicle Frames and Structures (ITS/363/15FX)
  • Optimal Design and Custom-Made Fabrication of Hydroformed Light-Metal Bike Frames for Cycling Athletes (ITS/337/14FX)
  • Process development of manufacturing impact-resistant reinforcement components for vehicle frame structures and bumper systems using encapsulation approach (ITS/293/13FX)
  • Development for Fabricating Biodegradable Magnesium-based Metal Sponge using Thermo-fused Porous Structure Processing System (ITP/041/12NI)
  • Development of laser-assisted form rolling adaptive system for pilot manufacturing high-strength micro tooth-profile spiral components (ITS/295/09)
  • Development of Large Hydroforming Machinery for Production of High Strength Metallic Hollow Sectional Components for Industry (ITS/237/09FP)
  • Process development for batch production of fine-structured magnesium alloy sheets using thermo-mechanical macro-deformation processing system (ITP/037/08)
  • Establishment of Attachment Adaptive Control Experimentation System on Conventional Press for Hot Fluid Forming Light-weight Tubular and Sheet Metal Components (ITS/031/07)
  • Development of Experimental Operation Attachment to Implement Hydroforming Capability on Conventional Press (ITS/050/06)
  • Development and Application of an Isothermal Sheet Metal Forming Process for Magnesium Alloys (UIM/150)

Notable achievements in public, governmental and professional services

  1. Development of a next generation Zero-emission Electric Car-inter-departmental collaboration research and development project with Department of Electrical Engineering In 1999.
  2. Mid-life assessment of Overhead line Components - for KCRC in 1999.
  3. Prototyping of an Bio-tech domestic waste appliance in 2003.
  4. Feasibility Study of Warm and Cold Forming Technology for Production of Stainless Steel Components- Falcon Industries Limited in 2004.
  5. Development of Fine-blanking Tooling Systems for Progressive Production of Intricate Mini Gears-Vigor Precision Limited in 2006.
  6. Expert Report on a Lifting Accident Case-for Deacons in 2011
  7. Preparation and Experimental Investigation of a Specified Disposable Food Container- Yat Chun Machinery Co. Ltd. in 2016-2017.

Publications (Partially)

Book Chapters: (2)

  1. TC Lee, CY Tang and LC Chan, “Fine-Edge Blanking”, Chapter in Blanking and Piercing, Volume 14B, Metalworking: Sheet Forming, ASM Handbook, 2006, p177-190.
  2. CP Lai, LC Chan and TC Lee, “Thermal Formability of Titanium Tailor-welded Blanks”, chapter in Titanium Alloys: Preparation, Properties and Applications, Edited by Pedro N. Sanchez, Nova Science, 2010, pages 423-439, ISBN: 978-61122-323-1

Selected journals and conference papers within recent 5 years: (Over 130 publications since 1995)

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