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Funding Opportunities for Non-Local Learning Activities

Non-Local Study Fund (NLSF)

Global Exposure, Broadened Horizon, Cultural Diversity


PolyU is committed to fostering students with global competence, broadened horizons, and international perspectives. We aspire to achieve a 100% participation rate in non-local learning experiences among our undergraduate student body prior to their graduation in AY2027/28. It is planned that 50% of the students will engage in non-local Service-Learning, while 10% will take up a Cluster Area Requirement (CAR) subject with a non-local learning component. The rest of the students will obtain a non-local learning experience through other means, such as participation in a student exchange programme or a non-local Work-Integrated-Education (WIE).


To that end, the University has set up the Non-Local Study Fund (NLSF) to support students in pursuing non-local learning activities.


Students who undertake a Service-Learning or CAR subject with non-local learning elements will be eligible for funding support up to HKD$10,000. On the other hand, a nice variety of funding schemes made possible by the University, private organizations, and public entities are available for students interested in competitive-based non-local learning activities such as student exchange (semester or summer) or non-local WIE.

Question 1:

I am an incoming exchange student. I am interested in the Non-Local Study Fund. Am I qualified to apply for it?

Answer 1:

The Non-Local Study Fund is open only to degree-seeking full-time undergraduate students in UGC-funded programmes leading to PolyU awards.


Question 2:

I am a second-year student at PolyU. I am interested in joining a student exchange programme. Would I be eligible to get funding support?

Answer 2:

A few funding schemes are available for students participating in student exchange at PolyU.

  • GEO Scholarship/ Fund for Student Exchange
  • GEO Exchange Grant
  • Exchange subsidies offered by the Education Bureau

For more details, please visit the website below.


Question 3:

Are there any specific requirements on minimum time spent for the NLSF?

Answer 3:

Any activities arranged or endorsed by PolyU with a minimum total duration of seven days in one programme/subject will meet the NLSF requirement.


Question 4:

If I take a Service-Learning subject during my study; which contains a non-local learning element, will that be considered as a non-local learning activity?

Answer 4:

Yes. All non-local Service-Learning and Cluster-Area Requirement (CAR) subjects offered by PolyU are covered by the Non-Local Study Fund.


Question 5:

I am writing to inquire about the details of the Non-Local Study Fund (NLSF) for participation in competitions held outside Hong Kong. If students attend such competitions, are they eligible to apply for the Fund? If so, please share the details.

Answer 5:

The NLSF is simply an umbrella term covering a nice variety of funding schemes that support non-local learning activities, including but not limited to the International Competition and Conference Participation Scheme (ICCPS), two funding schemes for student exchange, the Short-Term Non-Local Study Fund, Summer@OxBridge, etc.

The students from the Debate Club who participate in debate competitions held outside Hong Kong could consider applying for ICCPS or the Short-Term Non-Local Study Fund (formerly known as the Study Abroad Fund). For more information, please visit our website below.


Question 6:

I am an undergraduate first-year student. I would like more information about the Non-Local Study Fund (NLSF) and the various scholarships and financial support schemes.

Answer 6:

NLSF covers a variety of funding schemes that support non-local learning activities, including but not limited to ICCPS, exchange funding schemes, the Short-Term Non-Local Study Fund, etc.

For funding support on short-term non-local learning activities, you may visit our website at other funding opportunities.  If you are interested in seeking subsidies for exchange programmes, please click on semester exchange or summer exchange.

For non-local service learning and non-local CAR subjects-related funding, you may seek assistance from the activity organising units.  You may contact the Service-Learning and Leadership Office (SLLO) for non-local Service-Learning and the Office of Undergraduate Studies (OUS) for Cluster Area Requirements subjects.

Please also refer to our website, scholarships-and-fees for information regarding potential scholarships.


Question 7:

Can I participate in more than one non-local learning activity?

Answer 7:

Students who have benefitted from the Non-Local Study Fund previously will have to seek financial support from other sources to participate in additional non-local SL and non-local CAR subjects activities.

On the other hand, for competitive-based activities such as non-local WIE or student exchange, students are enrolled on a competitive basis through a selection process.  As such, students may explore any opportunities available more than once.


Question 8:

My colleagues and I joined the briefing on non-local CAR subjects and SL. We would like to know more about the suggested arrangement for non-local CAR subjects.  Can you please share the briefing PPT?

Answer 8:

Thank you for your inquiry. Kindly contact OUS for details on the non-local CAR subjects and access to their PPT.

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