To promote active ageing and multigenerational capacity building, we are dedicated to developing effective theory-based models by constant and rigorous programme design, implementation and evaluation. These evidence-based models are conducive to enrichment of later life, enhancement of social connectedness, growth of generativity desire and achievement, and generational understanding by increasing social engagement and participation among older people. We believe that these efficacious theory-based models can inform further programme design and implementation in other organisations and settings.

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Research Directions

- Older people’s lifelong learning and capacity building

- Intergenerational contact and solidarity

- Innovative and intergenerational education practices

Research Projects

Research project visualization 6i-GESS Inter-Generational Engagement in Secondary Schools


Funded by ZeShan (H.K.) Foundation

Research project visualization 4Infusion Education on Active Ageing (IEAA): Innovation In-Class Activities in Secondary Schools


Funded by Quality Education Fund

Research project visualization 5Gearing up for Third Age and Multigenerational Capacity Building


Funded by Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation

Research project visualization 3Infusion Active Ageing Education Project


Funded by ZeShan (H.K.) Foundation