People generally live longer now than they have in the past, especially in developed economies. In Hong Kong, the life expectancies of men and women are 80 and 84 years, respectively. A person’s overall wellness is a major determinant of the quality of his or her later life. Wellness is accumulative and reflective of the different stages of an individual’s life course; therefore, the development and maintenance of wellness should start as early in life as possible. Wellness is a holistic and integrative concept, and the total wellness of older adults can be attained only when various aspects of their lives, including their health, habits, and lifestyle; interaction with living environments; knowledge and awareness; participation; and productivity and employability, are established and in harmony.

Current Research

  1. Instrument Development and Validation
  • Psychometric Validation of the Adult Sensory Profile, Activity Card Sort, Cohen-Mansfield Inventory of Agitation, Fuld Object Memory Evaluation, Well-Being Index
  1. Biostatistics
  1. Health Promotion
  • Promoting the Health and Well-being of Older Adults with Chronic Illnesses: A Coordinated Medical and Social Services Model
  • Early Detection of and Intervention in Depression among Older People: A Proactive Mental Health Promotion Programme
  • Building a Holistic and Continuous Health Care Programme for Older Adults with Chronic Illnesses
  • Health Promotion Through Physical Activity for Older Adults with Dementia
  1. Participation and Well-being
  • Participation and Late-life Cognitive Functioning
  • Participation and Well-being of Older Adults with Chronic Diseases Such as Stroke and Dementia
  1. Creation of a Health-related Database for Clinical Use
  • Early Detection Project (in collaboration with Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association)
  1. International Collaboration
  • Cognitive reserve (in collaboration with the Gertrude H. Sergievsky Center, Columbia University Medical Center, NY, USA)
  • Lifestyle and participation (in collaboration with Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, MO, USA)

Research Directions

The IAA’s research focus on total wellness has two main directions: The first is to develop and validate an instrument that can measure the ‘total wellness index’ of older adults in Hong Kong. Alongside the development of the instrument, population-based studies on understanding of the different aspects of wellness in present and future cohorts of older adults will be conducted. The second direction is to capitalise on older people as crucial contributors to and assets of society. Volunteerism and prolonging employability for older people are two areas of investigation in this research direction.

Research Projects

Research project visualization 8Create A Knowledge Hub for Promoting Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity


Funded by ZeShan (H.K.) Foundation

Research project visualization 9Hong Kong - Vigilance and Memory Test (HKVMT) to Enhance Detection of Early Cognitive Impairments in Preclinical Phase


Funded by Innovation and Technology Fund for Better Living

Research project visualization 10Positive Ageing and Happiness Courier


Funded by Wofoo Foundation