To facilitate research activities, the research committee also endorses the research projects of IAA faculty members and approves the involvement of IAA third age members to participate as respondents in the endorsed studies. To support these research studies, the IAA aims to help faculty members expand their pilot projects to apply for funding for large-scale studies. Eventually, we hope that research findings can translate into products with clinical applications or influence government policy on the development of services for the betterment of older adults.



Digital Ageing in the Greater Bay Area: A Comparative Study of the Social Media Platforms Adopted by the Cross-border Old Adults from Hong Kong and Local Ageing People in the Pearl River Delta

Responsible Researcher: Dr SUN Yi

Affiliated Institution: Department of Building and Real Estate, PolyU


The Effects of Mindfulness on Prospective Memory on Older Adults: An Experimental Study

Responsible Researcher: Mr Alex Tsang Pak Lik

Affiliated Institution: Department of Applied Social Sciences, PolyU


Comparison between Parkinson’s Disease and Healthy Individuals for Technology-Based Assessment and Clinical Outcome Measures

Responsible Researcher: Professor Margaret Mak

Affiliated Institution: Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, PolyU


A Cross-sectional Study on the Association Between Loneliness and Nutrient Intake in Community-dwelling Chinese Older Adults in Hong Kong

Responsible Researcher: Dr Chan Suk Mei Ruth

Affiliated Institution: Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology, PolyU


Active Training Bodysuit for Adult Degenerative Scoliosis

Responsible Researcher: Dr Yip Yiu Wan

Affiliated Institution: Institute of Textiles and Clothing, PolyU


Digital Health Literacy and COVID-19: A Cross-Sectional Study

Responsible Researcher: Dr Patrick Kor

Affiliated Institution: School of Nursing, PolyU


The Impact of Age-Related Stereotype Threats on Prospective Memory Performance

Responsible Researcher: Mr Tsang Pak Lik Alex

Affiliated Institution: Department of Applied Social Sciences, PolyU


Ergonomic Design of Footwear

Responsible Researcher: Dr Yick Kit Lun

Affiliated Institution: Department of Institute of Textile & Clothing, PolyU


The Loneliness of Older Adults Being Cared for by Live-in Migrant Workers and Their Dyadic Relationship: A Mixed Methods Study

Responsible Researcher: Dr Ho Hok Man Ken

Affiliated Institution: School of Nursing, Tung Wah College


Development and Validation of the Meaning and Purpose in Life Scale (MPIL)

Responsible Researcher: Dr Fung Wai Tung Ada

Affiliated Institution: Department of Applied Social Sciences, PolyU


Linguistic Prediction in Elderly Bilingual and Monolingual Speakers: An fMRI and EEG Study

Responsible Researcher: Dr Momenian Mohammad

Affiliated Institution: Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies, PolyU


Protecting Older People from Loneliness during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Other Novel Infectious Disease Pandemic

Responsible Researcher: Professor Chou Kee Lee

Affiliated Institution: The Education University of Hong Kong


BrainLive: Connecting Families Living with Dementia in Pandemic Situations and Beyond

Responsible Researcher: Dr Wong Hoi Yan Gloria

Affiliated Institution: Department of Social Work and Social Administration, the University of Hong Kong


Social Cognition in Younger and Older Adults - Behavioral Study

Responsible Researcher: Dr Cao Yuan

Affiliated Institution: Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, PolyU


Considerations of Planning Community Facilities and Elderly Neighbourhood Satisfaction in Urban Old District

Responsible Researcher: Dr Yung Hiu Kwan Esther

Affiliated Institution: Department of Building and Real Estate, PolyU


IAA Promoted Research Projects from 2012 to 2020:





If you are interested in promoting your projects through the IAA, please download the application form here. Please email the completed application form with supporting documents to Miss Joyce Lin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..