Project Description

The Intergenerational-ESL (IG-ESL) Program - "English with Lineage" is funded by Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation and this is a 2-year program in serving six secondary school students. IG-ESL is also founded on a “win-win” formula: schoolchildren interested in improving their English as a Second Language (ESL) skills are matched with older adult volunteers who are trained in effective language teaching and intergenerational communication techniques. Together, they participate in high energy, fun, and meaningful conversations (in English) and project-related activities that aim to transform the way in which schoolchildren learn and practice English, promote positive aging, and increase familial or non-familial intergenerational contact.

A secondary objective of this project is to train university students to become effective leaders in facilitating the IG-ESL program which is called Intergenerational Co-leadership Program (CIP). University students will receive leadership training and learn how to run the program effectively with our Third Age IAA's members.

To learn more about the program model initially piloted at RCGFS for a group of retired citizens and university students, please refer to the publication of Alan Lai and Matthew Kaplan (2016).


Project Objectives

  • To offer opportunities for schoolchildren to practice English outside the classroom
  • To provide a new vehicle for retired citizens to stay active, connected to society and healthy

Funded by the Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation


Project Duration

Jul 2016 to June 2018



A. Lai & M. Kaplan (2016).  Weaving Intergenerational Engagement into ESL Instruction: Case Study of a University-Based Program in Hong Kong. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 28(2), 254-264.