Project Description

In response to the ageing population issue in Hong Kong, young people (such as secondary school students) will interact, collaborate or serve the elderly population in different occupations or industries in the future. Therefore, we inject age-related content into the original curriculum of secondary schools to improve students' learning outcomes, and help to improve intergenerational stereotypes, so as to build young people's respect and sense of responsibility for family, social and cultural values.


Project Objectives

  • To enhance students' understanding of the elderly and build students' positive values ​​on ageing
  • Improve student learning outcomes so that they understand the characteristics, needs of an ageing population, and learn to appreciate the elderly
  • Engage key stakeholders in the education sector and the community to actively promote student interest in ageing issues
  • Increase the focus on integrating ageing themes into the regular school curriculum
  • Improve the ability of teachers and students to respond to emerging societal needs and opportunities arising from an aging population

Funded by the Quality Education Fund


Project Duration 

Jan 2021 to Dec 2021


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