Project Description 項目介紹

Our mission is to promote active ageing and intergenerational cohesion through implementing and evaluating a wide range of innovative initiatives, programs, and courses, and meeting the diverse needs of our existing and new members as well as wider community. 


Project Objectives 计劃目标

  • To enhance data storage and security through improving data management systems 
  • To efficiently provide information for our members and the public through designing an age-friendly, up-to-date, and responsive official website
  • To become a knowledge hub through connecting theory with practice and showcasing innovative research and best practices in both local and international communities
  • To lay a foundation for setting up a longitudinal statistical record to track older adults’ patterns of social participation, family functioning, and health and well-being


Funded by ZeShan Foundation 


Project Duration 項目年期

Dec 2020 to Nov 2023 2020 年 12 月至 2023 年 11 月


knowledge hub

 Last update: Mid 2023 最後更新:2023年中