Project Description  項目介紹

We achieve the learning goals of the elders by building their interaction with the external environment and by improving their ability to internalize knowledge at the individual level. In addition, the Elder Technology Acceptance Model helps us to better design the content of the elements. We learned that creating the right social environment for learning and improving the physical and mental literacy of the elders can make them feel that learning is easier and useful to them; thus, they can develop a better attitude towards learning and improve their technological literacy. 

我們通過建立長者與外部環境的互動,以及提高他們在個人層面內化知識的能力,來實現長者的學習目標。此外,"長者科技接受模式 "還能説明我們更好地設計項目內容。我們瞭解到,創造合適的學習社會環境,提高長者的身心素養,可以讓他們覺得學習對他們來說更容易、更有用,從而培養他們更好的學習態度,提高他們的科技素養。


Theory-Guided Programme Design


Theory of Learning (Illeris, 2003) 

學習理論 (Illeris, 2003)




Senior Technology Acceptance Model (Chen & Chan, 2014)

長者科技接受模型 (Chen & Chan, 2014)




ICT Lifelong Learning (OGCIO)

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