Project Duration: Dec 2021 to Dec 2023

Project Description:

The ICT courses under the project of “ICT Lifelong Learning for the Third Age at PolyU” are planned for the third age members. Moreover, our tutors are third age members who understand the learners well and have attended the “train-the-trainer” course. The Institute of Active Ageing (IAA) of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) conducts 13 courses in three categories defined by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), including government mobile applications, e-wallet,  mobile office and cyber security, etc. Each ICT course comprises five sessions to be completed within three to five weeks. Tutors and participants may use PolyU’s space and facilities on campus, e.g. wireless Internet services, for teaching and learning purposes.

Project Objectives:

  • Promote the awareness and basics of cyber security
  • Improve older adults’ information technological capacity
  • Connect our older members with the community in utilising the APPs for daily lives and health management
  • Expand the social circles of our older members

Funded by Office of the Government Chief Information Officer

Enrollment for the Apr to Jun courses has started until 13 Apr 2022, please fill  the form here or scan the OR code for registration.

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Four courses are provided in this quarter: Smart Mobility, Mobile Phone Intermediate – Online Purchasing, Mobile Phone Intermediate-Mobile Payment & E-wallet and Internet Safety. 
For detail please read the posters as shown.

Remarks :

  1. Enrollment open to 60 yrs of age and above only
  2. Priority given to eligible IAA members
  3. Each person can enroll for one course only 
  4. Admission subjected to conditions: i) sufficient quota, ii) has not attend the same course before, iii) attendance rate not lower than 80% in the previous ICT courses

20220506 IAA OGCIO adaptation poster 08 智能出行 olv2 2

20220506 IAA OGCIO adaptation poster 05 手機中班網上購物 olv2 2

20220521 IAA OGCIO adaptation poster 04 手機中班流動支付及電子錢包 ol v2 2

20220506 IAA OGCIO adaptation poster 06 網上安全你要知 olv3 2