Geron-Infusion Education (GIE) is an initiative jointly developed and implemented by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University under the Infusion Active Ageing Education project (GIE-IAAE) and The University of Hong Kong under the Campus Ageing Mix Project for University Students (GIE-CAMPUS), initiated and funded by ZeShan Foundation.



Embrace people of all ages at the university campus and beyond



To advance the leadership and capacity of tertiary institutions to respond purposefully to an ageing population and increase longevity by

  • Enabling Geron-Infused teaching and learning
  • Strengthening teachers in Geron-Infused curriculum development
  • Equipping students with ageing literacy
  • Enhancing students’ professional interest and competence in working with an ageing population



  • To embed diversity awareness, empowerment, and solution-oriented leadership into tertiary education in facingcomplexity and richness that ageing brings to society
  • To equip students with knowledge, competency, and competitiveness needed in response to longevity dividend in Hong Kong and globally
  • To enhance institutional capacity to foster innovation in nurturing future academic and social leaders to manage grand challenges of population ageing
  • To cultivate an ageing-rich environment and create a positive social impact via collaboration and partnership
  • To promote intergenerational teaching and learning to facilitate the reciprocal sharing between learners of all ages and sustain lifelong learning.


GIE-IAAE Implementation Process